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    Windows 10, the new version is ready: space for news

    The new updating di Windows 10 is ready to appear on the computers of users of the Microsoft operating system. In fact, the update will arrive (starting from) next May 21H1 and will bring with it a delicious novelty that will concern access to News and interests directly in the taskbar.

    The Windows 10 package testing phase 21H1 it left on April 13th. Most likely, according to statements from the Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program Brandon LeBlanc build 9043.928 it should be the last one scheduled for May before the final rollout. The news is one of the most interesting news for the general public while the other features are mainly dedicated to a public business, with changes and additions to multi-camera support for Windows Camera, Defender Application Guard and remotely performing work using machines running the Redmond operating system.

    News on Windows 10, how they work

    Accessing news and interests, directly from the application bar, will be an extremely easy and fast operation, according to Microsoft. On the official blog of the operating system, the operation of the new implementation was illustrated, which includes a complete customization of news, which will start appearing on computers in the coming weeks and reach all users over the coming months.

    From the information weather, inserted directly into the bar and identifiable at a glance, a short flashes on the most exciting topics, from news to sport, passing through the economy, technology or traffic; the alternatives to choose from are many and all available without having to open any other app that could affect the performance of your device. In fact, just click on the titles to read the complete news, or decide to save it for later.

    "My interests" also ends up directly in the taskbar, making it more enjoyableexperience of use having available updates and news on those topics considered by the user to be particularly engaging. Once the publishers and the topics to follow have been selected, it will be possible to view them together with the news in the card format that allows optimal consultation.

    Windows 10, when the update arrives

    In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for Microsoft to meet the deadlines for the publication of the two big six-monthly updates of Windows 10, which are usually defined by an acronym of four letters and numbers: the first two indicate the year, the others two the first or second half of the year. So, to understand, 21H1 is the “first half” update of 2021. Users still remember how last year's “May Update” didn't arrive in May at all.

    As confirmed by the Windows team, however, the update is already complete and will soon be made available to all users. A specific date has not yet been marked on the calendar but, as usual, it could be launched as optional package in Patch Tuesday of May.

    As in the past, users could benefit from the content as a priority manually search for updates, through the dedicated settings of the operating system. Therefore, it is better to check if you want to be among the first to be able to try all the integrations.

    Windows 10, the new version is ready: space for news

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