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    Windows 10, what are the new Power Toys coming from May

    Sometimes they come back, and they come back richer than before. This is the case of the Windows Power Toys, a collection of utility dedicated to more experienced users and savvy that Microsoft launched at the time of Windows 95 but then did not develop for a long time, due to the lack of success achieved.

    Now i Power Toys are back, they have been available since September 2019, ea May will be enriched with a new feature that looks a lot like Apple's Spotlight app, through which users can search for installed applications simply by typing their name in a search bar. This new feature will replace, but only on Windows 10 PC on which Power Toys are installed, the old (and unchanged for about a decade) window of the "Run" command. Like the old command, the Spotlight-style app can also be called up via the key combination Win + R.

    Windows Power Toys: what they are

    In addition to the new app coming in May with the Windows 10 update, users can already download and install the current version of Power Toys which currently include six features: FancyZones, File Explorer, Image Resizer, PowerRename, Shortcut Guide e Window Walker.

    FancyZones is used to divide the screen into separate portions and to do so by holding down the Shift key while we drag a window, that it snaps into a certain area. File Explorer is a File Explorer extension, which allows us to see the preview of some file types directly in the app window. Image Resizer instead serves to resize entire series of images: just select them all in File Explorer and then press the right mouse button to access the resize options. PowerRename does more or less the same thing, but in renaming series of files. Shortcut Guide instead serves to show us, after pressing the Win key for a second, all the possible Windows keyboard shortcuts.

    What is Windows Walker

    Window walker deserves an ad hoc paragraph. To all intents and purposes it is an application that allows you to switch from one open program to another, searching for it using the keyboard. While looking for an app, we can use the up and down arrows to see an Alt-Tab-style preview of the windows. It is very likely that the new feature coming in May will be integrated into Windows Walker. For launch Window Walker just press the Win + Ctrl keys. But we can only have confirmation in May.

    Windows 10, what are the new Power Toys coming from May

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