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    15 Extensions to improve productivity in Google Chrome

      15 Extensions to improve productivity in Google Chrome With the evolution of the web, the problems also evolve which today can be enclosed in two broad categories:
      - One is the overload of information and the difficulty of managing it so as not to lose the important things and filter out the less relevant ones.
      - Another type of problem in internet browsing in an advanced way is the choice of extensions to use, without overloading the browser making it too heavy.

      In this article we see a nice selection of 10 great extensions to use on Chrome to improve and increase web browsing productivity, getting tools on hand to perform different tasks.

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      1) Screen Capture is an official extension from Google to take screenshots and save them as images on your pc. You can save a region or the whole page and you can add text or darts to the image before saving them.
      The Aviary extension is also excellent for saving and editing images on the internet.

      2) Send With Gmail allows you to quickly send a link via Email using Gmail.

      3) Email This Page instead, it allows you to send a web page via Email with a click on the extension button, using Gmail or a client installed on your PC

      4) Pocket is the extension to save articles to read later, ideal if you also work offline.

      5) Writer instead it is installed as an application on Chrome to be launched from the initial app tab. It is a full page text editor, for writing notes or texts directly from Chrome. The text is saved locally and the editor can be customized in the options.
      Similar, it is Chrome Notepad which instead adds a notepad always at hand and with notes saved online to the extension bar at the top right of Chrome.

      6) Chroma is a useful extension for web designers, to always find the code of a color.

      7) Totalizer is a Chrome extension for those who work with tables, to perform automatic calculations on the columns of tables found on websites. The extension can come in handy especially if you are looking at statistics to get mathematical calculations like sum, average, Min and Max or percentages.

      8) Bitwarden is the free extension to manage stored passwords so you never have to write them, protected by a single master password that becomes the only one to remember.
      An in-depth article has been written about BitWarden, an alternative to Lastapass, in the post How to create and manage web account passwords

      9) Translate Pop-up allows you to keep the Google translator always at hand, to translate words or phrases quickly.

      10) Extensions to close or suspend inactive cards and save RAM they are described in another article and are used to deactivate the tabs that have been inactive for a certain period of time, reloading them only when they are clicked again.

      11) Print Friendly allows you to print web pages by deciding what to include in the print and what not. It is therefore possible to exclude images or parts of the page such as advertising, menus and all that is not needed. With Print Friendly you can also save a website as a PDF using Chrome.

      12) Strict Workflow set a 25 minute timer to work and allowing you to take a 5 minute break. The plugin will block all distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others (but it's customizable)

      13) Panic Button to close open tabs in one click. Closed tabs can then be reopened by clicking the red button again.

      14) StayFocusd works to limit distractions and block sites that are not working for several minutes. You can then select an amount of pause time in which the whole internet becomes available, after which you must necessarily work.

      15) Toggl it is an extension that counts the time we are on websites, to understand how much we are working and how much more is being done.

      16) The extension of , to follow this blog, it is certainly excellent for improving the productivity of daily work.

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