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    Best Bookmarklets to add functions to browsers (even iPhone and Android)

    Of articles to add new functions to browsers to surf the internet we have already written several but they were always based on plugins and add-ons to install.
    When it comes to enhancing a browser, what you can do with Firefox immediately comes to mind, of which we have the list of the best extensions and that of the best GreaseMonkey scripts.

    But as said several times, if Firefox becomes a very powerful program thanks to the many plugins that you can put, every time you install something new, it becomes heavier and heavier, slowing down its loading. I Bookmarklet (Bookmark in the country means bookmark) instead they are absolutely not extensions to install but simply links that activate functions on the browser and that are launched from the favorites bar of any browser, sia Internet Explorer, che Opera, che Chrome e Firefox and any other software used to read and browse websites. Bookmarklets work also on Safari for iPhone and iPad and on every browser for Android. Technically, they are gods Javascript codes that are activated only if you click on them and that you don't have to install anything to make them work.

    So in this article we see what they are the best bookmarklets to boost browsers.

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    Here I put some very useful ones to always keep at hand but if you know others, please let us know that we add them to the list.

    Important Note, in this list I have put the links to the sites that distribute the bookmarklet buttons or the codes to add to the favorites.
    To install these magic links that activate additional functions and make them appear on the browser's favorites bar, search the listed sites for the words "Bookmarklet", "Drag", "Grab" "Install". Then just click on them with the left mouse button, from where they are (not from here), and drag them to the favorites / bookmarks bar.
    When the code is there, add a new favorite, then right click on it to change the URL by entering the javascript code as indicated.

    • Bugmenot it is a somewhat contested site but it has an extraordinary usefulness and function. We talked about it some time ago because it contains user names and passwords for access or logins to all, or almost all, websites that require registration. With the button on the browser, first register, you can immediately see if there is already a bypass to enter.
    • View Wayback URL, to see the past version of a javascript website: location.href = 'https: //*/'+location.href
    • Search a site, to search with Google within a specific website
      javascript:(function(){void(q=prompt('Che stai cercando?',''));if(q)location.href=''+''+'
      Sostituire con il sito che si vuole cercare.
    • Bypass PayWall, to read online newspapers that require subscription
    • show password, to see the password behind the dots in clear text

      javascript: (function() { var s, F, j, f, i; s = ""; F = document.forms; for (j = 0; j

    • Enable right click, to activate the right mouse button on the sites where it has been deactivated
      void(document.oncontextmenu = null)
    • Enable text selection, to enable text selection on sites where it has been disabled
      javascript: (function() {function R(a) { ona = "on" + a; if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener(a, function(e) { for (var n = e.originalTarget; n; n = n.parentNode) n[ona] = null; }, true); window[ona] = null; document[ona] = null; if (document.body) document.body[ona] = null;} R("click"); R("mousedown"); R("mouseup"); R("selectstart"); })()
    • Aviary and Kwout are sites that provide editing tools and image editing (We also talked about Aviary as a Firefox extension). With the bookmarklet, a button is added to the browser capture images from websites with an editor to edit it.
    • Evernote Web Clipper to mark a link on Evernote, the most used site in the world for taking notes online, planning to-do lists with calendars and deadlines (see article best online reminders sites and To-Do Lists). The Javascript to put on the favorites bar makes sure that they can take notes from any page, without going to the actual web application.
    • Add to Pocket instead it is used to add links to web pages for later reading on Pocket.
    • Form Bookmarklets provides a series of javascript that allow you to modify website forms, i.e. those in which you can write something such as the comment space below. You can enlarge, hide, count the written characters (useful when they are limited) and so on.
    • e-mail this it is a very useful button when you want select text from a web page and want to e-mail it directly, without rewriting it and without copying and pasting.
    • bookmarklet for translating web pages provided by Google Translate and Microsoft Translator
    • iTransmogrify is a utility to allow flash videos and audio clips to be played as well its an IPhone and an IPod Touch. The author also provides a link to create the bookmarklet right on the iPhone as well.
    • LastPass Login e Form Fill it is used to access passwords and form fields stored with this online tool, regardless of the browser used. Last Pass is a popular online application to create a secure profile in which store all passwords you have and to recall them when you want, from where you want, any PC you use.
    • Readability is a function to make everything that is not text disappear from blogs or online newspapers so that you can read better and more easily any article written on the internet.
    • Crea PDF e RSS-to-pdf serve to transform and convert a site or rss feed into a PDF file.
    • PDF Download serves to download web pages in pdf on the computer.
    • Facebook Share allows you to share any web content, videos, articles and images, on Facebookby simply clicking the button on the favorites bar.
    • LiveWebsite editor It allows edit web pages with ease, directly from the browser.
    • Pinterest to add images to the Pinterest social network.
    • Flip it to add web pages to Flipboard.
    • Bookmarklet for editing web pages
    • Kick Ass, a game to play on every website to destroy it.
    • Bitly to create shortened short links to share
    • Printliminator to prepare a web page for printing.
    • Search in Wikipedia: select a word on a web page and then press the bookmarklet to search for it in Wikipedia.
    • PrintWhatYouLike, to print a web page more efficiently, excluding what you don't need.
    • Share On Twitter to share a webpage on Twitter with a shortened link.
    • TinEye Images to search for what an image or photo found on the internet is.
    • PageZipper to immediately load the next page of a site without having to click anything.
    • Turn Off The lights, bookmaklet to darken the screen on Youtube and better see a video.
    • OneNote Web Clipper button to save notes to Onenote from the web
    • Web of Trust to know if a website is trustworthy or not.

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