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    Come bypassare the password of Windows XP

  • How to bypass Windows XP password without programs
  • Come bypassare the password of Windows XP

    As I told you at the beginning of the article, to be able to bypass Windows XP password just resort to the use of some special software. You ask me which ones and, above all, how can you use them? Then continue reading: you will find everything indicated in the smallest detail below.


    The first Windows XP password bypass tool you can turn to is KON BOAT: a small software that, by booting from a USB stick or a CD / DVD, allows you to access Redmond operating systems protected by an access key without any effort. Just start it and it does everything. The only problem is that it is paid (it has prices starting from 27 $) and unfortunately it is not available in a free trial version.

    Before talking to you about it in detail, it is my duty to make some clarifications: firstly, keep in mind that KON-BOOT does not support BitLocker, so the encrypted files remain encrypted and cannot be recovered (which, however, does not concern XP). Furthermore, considering that some PC protection software could be considered as dangerous due to its ability to bypass system passwords, before using KON-BOOT I suggest you disable the antivirus (and then enable it again later).

    That said, in order to take advantage of the program, the first step you need to take is to purchase and download it. So, connected to its website, click on the item For Windows that you find at the top and press the button Buy Now present next to the type of license you are interested in. Then provide your payment information and download the software to your PC.

    Once the download is complete, connect one to your computer USB pendrive on which to copy KON-BOOT (the pendrive will be formatted, so make sure it does not contain important files), then extract all the program files in a folder of your choice and start the executable KonBootInstaller.exe.

    In the window that is now shown on your desktop, click on the button Yes e poi quello OK, select from the drop-down menu Available USB drives the drive relating to the USB key on which you want to copy the program, press the button Install to USB stick (with UEFI support) and click sul bottone Yes in risposta all'avviso che compare sullo schermo.

    In the unfortunate event that when trying to create the pendrive, you get an error message, you can try to copy KON-BOOT to your USB stick using YUMI: a free software that allows you to create bootable USB sticks.

    To use it, go to the program's website and click on the button Download YUMI that you find by scrolling the page. Once the download is complete, start the .exe file obtained, click on the button I Agree, quindi quello Create and select the drive of your key from the drop-down menu below the item Step 1, then choose the option Kon-Boot Purchased give menu to tendin Step 2.

    In Seguito, Premium Pulsating KATEGORIEN, browse the folder kon-bootCD, type il nome kon-bootCD.iso in the field File name of the window that opened and select the name of the KON-BOOT ISO file from the automatic suggestions that you see appearing below.

    At this point, click on the button first Create, by your complaint Yes and wait for the copying of the files to the pendrive to be completed. Once this is done, open the key in theFile Explorer Windows, go to the path multiboot> kon-bootCD and copy the file into it konbootFLOPPY.img found in the folder could-bootFLOPPY di KON BOAT. Finally, go back to the main folder of the key and copy the folder inside EFI found in the folder kon-bootUSB in KON-BOOT. Done!

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to create a CD / DVD of KON-BOOT, select one of the options Install to CD and wait for the creation of the KON-BOOT ISO file. Next, burn the latter on a blank disk: to do this, insert a CD / DVD into the burner connected to your computer (If you don't have an account yet and want some advice about it, read my buying guide) and follow the instructions that I gave you in my tutorial on how to burn ISO files.

    Once you have obtained the pendrive or disk with the KON-BOOT files, connect the media in question to the computer with Windows XP installed on which you want to work and turn on the latter. If the computer you want to act on is the one you are using, simply restart Windows.

    Upon reboot (or startup) of the system, you will see the welcome screen by KON-BOOT. You press a any key on your computer keyboard, select the you account utente (if necessary), leave the field dedicated to entering the password blank and press the key Submit on the keyboard.

    If everything went well, within seconds Windows XP will start without you having to enter any password. Be careful though, because unlocking doesn't last forever. If you restart your PC, the Windows password prompt will promptly return to its place and, to bypass it, you will have to use KON-BOOT again.

    If, on the other hand, you are not shown the KON-BOOT screen and the computer starts up normally, so you are asked to type in the password, obviously the boot from the stick or CD / DVD. To remedy this, you have to go through the settings of the BIOS, that is to say the software that resides in a chip placed on the motherboard of the computer and that contains all the instructions to start the operating system and put the hardware in communication with the software. To find out how, follow the instructions in my guide on how to set up the BIOS.

    Lazesoft Recover My Password

    In case the use of KON-BOOT should seem too complicated or in any case if you are looking for an alternative at no cost to the above tool, you can try to bypass the Windows XP password by contacting Lazesoft Recover My Password.

    Yes, it is a free software (for personal use only) that allows you to reset the password of all major versions of Windows, including XP, in a simple and quite fast way. Even in this case, the program must be copied to a CD / DVD or a pendrive and must be used when starting the system.

    To download it to your computer, go to the official website of the program and click on the link Download located next to the item Lazesoft Recover My Password x.x Home Edition (Free) at the end of the page. Then, click on the button Download now.

    Once the download is complete, open the file lsrmphdsetup.exe just obtained and, in the window you see appear on the screen, click on the button Yes. Then select the item I accept the agreementclick on your bottone Next three times in a row, then on that install and complete the setup by pressing the button Finish.

    Now that you see the main program window on your desktop, click on the button Burn bootable CD / USB Disk Now!, select the option from the drop-down menu on the next screen Windows XP 32 bit or that one Windows XP 64 bit (depending on the version of the operating system on which you intend to go to act) and click on the button again Next.

    Now, insert a CD / DVD empty. Alternatively, you can also connect one to your PC pendrive (make sure it doesn't contain any important data, as it will be formatted by the program). Then select, depending on what is connected to the PC, the option CD / DVD or that one USB Flash from the newly displayed screen. There is also the possibility of creating an ISO image to be transferred later on a floppy disk or USB device, following the instructions I gave you in my article on how to burn ISO files.

    At this point, click on the button Home to start the creation of the diskette or pendrive with the program. At the end of the procedure, if the PC you are going to work on is the one in use, restart the system leaving the CD / DVD inserted in the reader or leaving the pendrive connected. If, on the other hand, the computer on which you want to work is another, insert the disk you just burned into its support or connect the pendrive obtained to one of the available USB ports and turn on the PC.

    When the system restarts (or starts), wait for Recover My Password to run. If the operating system boots as usual, set up the CD / DVD or USB drive beforehand as the primary boot drive, speaking on the BIOS, following the directions I gave you in my guide on how to set up the BIOS.

    Once the menu at boot on the screen, select the item Lazesoft Live CD and press the button Submit on the computer keyboard. Then wait for the software files to be loaded and, in the new screen displayed, check that the option is selected in the drop-down menu at the bottom. Reset Windows Password (otherwise you do it yourself), then click on the button Next.

    In the new window that opens, click on the button Yes to confirm the fact that you are using the program only for personal purposes and select, in the two drop-down menus that appear, Windows XP and the voice Reset local password.

    Finally, click on the button Nextselect l 'user account in relation to which you are interested in going to act, click on the button again Next and then on those RESET / UNLOCK, OK e Finish. After doing this, the computer will restart and the next time you log in to the system you will not be prompted to type the password for the account you selected.

    How to bypass Windows XP password without programs

    For completeness of information, it is my duty to also explain to you how to bypass the Windows XP password in case you have not lost the access key to the system but simply want to avoid typing it every time at startup, then proceeding with its removal. In this case, I anticipate it, you don't have to use any program: everything is done from the OS settings.

    To begin with, click on the Start button that you find at the bottom left of the taskbar Windows, select the item Control Panel from the right side of the menu that opens and, in the window you see appear on the desktop at this point, click on the item User Accounts.

    In the new screen that appears, select theuser account of your interest among those you find below and then the item Remove password. Then fill in the field displayed on the screen with the password currently in use on the PC and confirm what your intentions are, by clicking on the button Remove password.

    Come bypassare the password of Windows XP

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