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    Enable ActiveX filtering on trusted sites in Internet Explorer

      Enable ActiveX filtering on trusted sites in Internet Explorer I saw a recent report on Internet Explorer 11 indicating the latest version of the Microsoft browser as the safest browser to browse the internet.
      Always a good revenge this for the oldest of the web browsers compared to the freshest and most snappy competitors, Firefox and Chrome in the lead.

      That IE is the safest can certainly be doubted but the expansion of the security controls in Internet Explorer 11 is there and indeed can cause some problems and strange malfunctions in the display of some sites and web pages that contain Flash videos, applets Java, games and other content that requires Java or Adobe Flash plugins.
      The cause of these problems is the new option ActiveX Filtering which must be configured correctly.

      ActiveX controls are the Internet Explorer plugins, we could say that they are extensions required by some websites to play multimedia content for watching videos and playing games.
      One of the easiest ways to find out if the ActiveX filter is responsible for the display problems is to enable the ActiveX filter and visit the Youtube site.
      If the protection is active, YouTube prompts you to install Adobe Flash Player even if this is already present while disabling the ActiveX filtering protection you return to see the video.
      The ActiveX filter it is disabled by default so the first time Internet Explorer 9 is installed there should be no problems.

      Many blogs suggest disabling ActiveX filtering completely to solve every problem but since we are much better, we see a better solution, without eliminating theuseful and effective ActiveX Filtering protection in Internet Explorer 9.
      ActiveX controls are sometimes useful but they are also a classic way of installing viruses on computers.
      Internet Explorer 11, thanks toActiveX filtering, prevents websites from installing and using ActiveX controls on your computer, blocking them all.
      The best solution to avoid problems is customizing the filter so that they come Permits ActiveX controls on some secure and trusted websites.

      After ActiveX filter enabled (by clicking on the top right wheel Tools> security> ActiveX Filtering), you need to create the exceptions so from disable it on trusted sites come, ad esempio, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Facebook, , Repubblica, Corriere, i siti dei giochi in flash e tutti quelli che richiedono il Flash plugin, Java o altri controlli ActiveX da installare.
      Also on this site, you will see, in the address bar, where it is written http: //, a blue circle symbol On the right side.
      It means that some contents of the site have been filtered and are not displayed.
      Click on the blue symbol and then press the button disattiva ActiveX Filtering.
      Now repeat this step for each trusted, trusted and secure site that you do not want to be deprived of content and functionality.

      To do first and eliminate any display problems with websites, it is worthwhile create your own list of trusted sites.
      Find the address of the secure site, press the Tools button -> Internet Options -> security tab -> press the green icon of trusted sites and then the Sites button.
      Uncheck the checkbox next to Request server verification (https :) and write, for example, http: /// and press Add to enter the site in the secure area.
      After adding other sites whose trustworthiness is known, you must close the window with the list e press the "custom level" button.
      Scroll down until you find the item Allow ActiveX Filtering and disable it.
      On Internet Explorer 11, therefore, the security setting is maintained which prevents the execution of malicious code but which does not affect the contents coming from the sites added to the Trusted sites area.

      It may happen that you come across a new site that doesn't work properly, then just add it to the trusted sites list to make it work again.

      In this post in which we talk about Internet Explorer security, trust zones and ActiveX controls enabled and disabled, I also point out a tool called IEZoneAnalyzer which allows you to examine all Internet Explorer 11 security options for the 4 website areas (Internet, Intranet, trusted sites and restricted sites).

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