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    How to activate localization

    How to activate localization on Android

    How to activate localization

    The easiest way to activate location on Android and, in particular, enabling the GPS of the smartphone, consists in calling up thenotify area of the device, by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, and then tap on the icon named GPS, Location, Geolocation or similar names (in order to "enlighten" it). The name of the button varies according to the version of Android installed on the device: for example, if you are trying to activate Samsung location, you need to locate a button named Location, but even if you use devices from other manufacturers you will not struggle to find the right button.

    Following this operation, the GPS will be made available for apps that request it: to enable an application to use location services, touch the button Allow placed inside the warning message that appears when it is opened (or when a specific function on the localization is called up).

    Alternatively, in case of problems or incorrect response to the above notification, you can obtain a similar result by going to the Settings of Android (the d-shaped icongear located in the drawer or on the home screen of the device), by touching the items Safety and location e Geolocation and moving on ON the levetta relative to the dicitura Use location, located at the top of the screen.

    Finally, to specify which apps can (or can't) have access to location services, tap the item App-level permissions and move up ON the levers relating to the apps for which you want to allow access to the GPS. That's all!

    Activate Google location remotely

    How to activate localization

    If it is your interest activate Google location remotely and track your smartphone wherever it is, you can use the service Find my device by Google: to be precise, it allows you to view the real-time position of the smartphone or tablet in question and to carry out, if necessary, a series of emergency operations (such as blocking or resetting) on ​​the same.

    For Find My Device to work, however, it is essential to use a device with i Google services and Play Store and be aware of the Google account password configured on Android. Also, the smartphone or tablet involved must be turned on and connected to the Internet, the location services must be active (I told you how to enable them a little while ago) and the functionality Find my device must have been activated in advance: to check it, go to the menu Settings> Security and location> Find my device of Android and check that the lever at the top of the screen is on ON.

    If the aforementioned conditions are met, you can easily trace the location of the Android device remotely: connect to the Find My Device website (or install the dedicated app, available on the Play Store), log in with theGoogle account configured on the device and, if required, select its preview by clicking on the respective icon.

    After a few moments, if everything went smoothly, the position of the smartphone or tablet should be indicated on the map on the screen. More info here.

    How to activate iPhone location

    How to activate localization

    Activate the location services integrated in iPhone and, therefore, the use of GPS by apps that request it is really very simple. To begin with, open the Settings of iOS, by tapping on thegear located on the Home screen or in the App Library, tap on the items Privacy e Location services and move up ON the resident lever at the top of the screen.

    Now, to authorize or deny access to the location by apps installed on iPhone, tap on name of each of them from the list below and choose whether to allow access to the location Mai, Everlasting (this option I recommend that you activate it only for very few apps, as it leads to high battery consumption and potential privacy violations), While using the app or whether to request it next time that you start it. To ensure that each app can get the exact position, enables the lever of the same name, located at the bottom.

    Infine, per activate iPhone location with family and friends in Messages e Where is it, or to use the location services in order to get personalized results on Crab and / or automate the app's automated operations Home, play the voice Share my location and move the lever of the same name up ON.

    How to activate iPhone location remotely

    How to activate localization

    activate iPhone location remotely, you can use the service Where is it iOS: in detail, it allows you to view on a map, in real time, the current position of the "iPhone by" and to perform some emergency operations on it (such as blocking or restoring). In order for everything to go well, some fundamental conditions must be met, which I list below.

    • The smartphone in question must be turned on (even better if connected to the Internet).
    • Location services must be active: I explained how to enable them in the immediately preceding section of this guide.
    • Il servizio Where is it Apple must be enabled on the phone in question - typically, this is true by default; to check it, go to the menu Settings> [your name]> Find My> Find My iPhone and make sure that the levers correspond to the items Find my iPhone, Where is Network e Send last position are active.
    • You have to know the Password of the Apple ID in use on the iPhone. If you don't remember it, follow the steps I have indicated to you in this guide, to recover it.

    If the device meets these conditions, proceed as follows: connect to the Where's website, log in with theApple ID paired with the phone in question and wait a few moments for the exact location of the smartphone to appear on the map.

    If there are multiple devices associated with the same Apple ID, click on the menu All devices, located at the top, and select the name iPhone of your interest. To find out more, please consult the in-depth study I have dedicated to the Find my iPhone service.

    How to activate location on WhatsApp

    How to activate localization

    If you need to communicate your position to one or more friends of WhatsApp, you can take advantage of the mechanism built into the app to do this easily.

    So, after starting and, if necessary, carrying out the first configuration of the app, go to the chat relating to the person (or group) with whom to share your position, touch the symbol of the clip (or on the symbol +, on iPhone) and then voice Location, located in the panel that appears on the screen. If prompted, tap the button Continue e authorizes access to location services, by responding affirmatively to the warning shown on the display.

    At this point, if you want to share where you are at the moment, tap the button Actual position; on the other hand, to share your movements continuously, for a very definitive time, touch the button Real-time location, tap on the item NEXT and indicates thetime lapse during which to make your trips public, to be chosen from those proposed (15 minutes, 1 hours or 8 hours).

    Finally, touch the symbol of theairplane to activate location on WhatsApp with the chosen contact or group; in case of second thoughts, you can stop sharing in real time, identifying the message sent previously and tapping the item Stop sharing, placed under it. More info here.

    How to activate localization

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