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    How to activate roaming

    What is roaming

    How to activate roaming

    Before explaining to you how to proceed in order to activate roaming, it seems right to me, as anticipated at the beginning of the guide, to clarify the matter. So let's try to understand first of all what exactly “this” roaming is.

    Said in very small terms and easily understandable by all, it is what happens when the mobile line in use provided by a given operator relies on other operators in order to allow the usual possibility of making calls and / or surfing the net. This is a condition that occurs when the network of the main operator, the one with which a contract has been stipulated on the national territory, is not usable.

    However, fundamental distinctions must be made. Roaming, once in action, can in fact be divided into several types. Let's see which ones.

    • roaming you - It occurs when the mobile phone relies on other operators to make phone calls.
    • Data roaming - It occurs when browsing the Internet, always through a different operator from the original one,
    • roaming national - It is practically when roaming takes place in the same reference territory as the main operator.
    • roaming international - Occurs when you are abroad and your manager has to rely on other operators to offer services such as voice and data.

    In the specific case of international roaming, a further division must be made between roaming in Countries of the European Union e roaming in the rest of the world.

    In the first case, starting from 15 June 2017 it is possible to call, send SMS and surf the Internet in a practically similar way to what is possible in the city, using various tariffs and promotions already active in the national territory although for some tariff plans including bundles and / or particularly substantial data traffic may be limited by the operators themselves in order to avoid abuses (this, however, is generally clearly specified by the reference managers). Roaming outside the EU, on the other hand, always costs money (and also has particularly high costs).

    If you want to clarify your ideas on the matter further, I strongly suggest you read my post dedicated to the topic through which I have precisely proceeded to talk to you about roaming in all its forms in detail. Please, take a look at it at least!

    Activate roaming

    Now that you finally have clearer ideas about the nature of roaming, I would say that we can take the real action by figuring out how to enable its use on your smartphone (or tablet). Read the instructions below to find out immediately how to proceed.

    Your Android

    How to activate roaming

    If what you are using is a device Android, in order to activate roaming, the first move you need to make is to grab your smartphone (or tablet), unlock it and access the screen where all the apps are grouped.

    Once this is done, press the icon of Settings (Quella a forma di gear wheel), step on the wording Other present under the heading Wireless and ret or on that Other networks that you find under that Network Connections and enable the option Data roaming/National data roaming in the section Mobile networks of the panel. Then press on OK per confermare l'esecuzione dell'operazione.

    If you are unable to enable the roaming option, it is almost certainly because you have not activated the data connection on your device first. To solve, enable it (even if only momentarily to activate roaming, then you can deactivate it and use it as you see fit) by ticking the box next to the item Data connection by going to Settings> Mobile networks.

    Alternatively, you can activate the data connection on your Android device by calling the notification center of the same and then tapping on the icon Conn. dati (Quella with him two arrows).

    Please note: Since there are several versions of Android in circulation and since often smartphone (and tablet) manufacturers apply customizations to the operating system and also considering the fact that I do not know the exact brand, model and version of the OS used by you, the indications of above may be slightly different in your case. If so, the items you see on the screen may differ slightly, although the menus to access and the steps to take are always the same.

    Your iOS

    How to activate roaming

    Possiedi a iPhone (or an iPad) and are you interested in understanding how to activate roaming? Then grab your device, unlock it, access the home screen and press the icon of Settings (Quella with the gear wheel).

    Then select the item Mobile phone in the screen that is shown to you, step on Cellular data options and carry on ON the lever present in correspondence with the wording Data roaming. And There you go!

    In case by performing the above steps you fail to see the option Data roaming in the iOS settings, keep in mind that this is almost certainly due to the fact that the cellular data connection is currently not enabled on your iDevice. As can be easily deduced, you can remedy the thing enabled the data connection on your device (even if only momentarily to activate roaming, then you can disable it and use it as you see fit) by going to Settings> Cellular and marrying on ON the lever next to the item Cellular data.

    In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can enable cellular data connection on your iPhone (or iPad) by calling up the control Center using a swipe from bottom to top or, if you are using iPhone X, from the top right corner to the bottom and then tapping on the button depicting theAntenna.

    Su Windows Mobile

    How to activate roaming

    If, on the other hand, what you are using is a device Windows Mobile, what you need to do to be able to activate roaming is to grab your device, unlock it and access the screen with the list of apps. Next you have to plug up Settings, you need to select the item Cellular network, you need to locate the wording Data roaming options and you have to choose the option connect while roaming from its menu.

    If you are unable to view the items in question, it is evidently because you have not previously activated the data connection on your smartphone. To remedy it, activate it (even if only temporarily to activate roaming, then you can deactivate it and use it at the appropriate time) by going to Settings> Cellular Network and selecting Si from the menu under the heading Data network.

    What to do if problems arise

    How to activate roaming

    To conclude, I want to point out some indications that could be convenient for you in the event that despite having followed the above instructions in detail, you are experiencing problems in the use of roaming. Let's see which ones, together.

    If your problem is that you have not yet managed to activate the use of roaming on your mobile phone (or tablet) and if you have followed my instructions to the letter, the only valid suggestion I can give you to try to solve as soon as possible the thing is to consult the appropriate Internet pages of support present on the official websites of Apple (click here), of the various manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets (eg Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo etc.) and Microsoft (click here), depending on the brand and model of the device in your possession . There are several very comprehensive guides on this subject!

    It may also be helpful to take a look at the pages dedicated to configuration of the various models of smartphones and tablets on the websites of cittàn telephone operators (TIM, Tre, Vodafone and Wind). There you will find a bunch of articles with step by step directions on the issue, with precise instructions and images below.

    If even proceeding in this way you can not get over it, you can rely on the "power" of the good Google, doing a quick web search on the topic using keywords like "Activate roaming [device name]. By doing so, you may come across some forum of mobile and telephony experts in general or in any case dedicated to the issue, with detailed information provided by other users who, like you, have found themselves having to face the same difficulties and have solved them. If you want, you can take part in the discussions yourself and ask for precise information from other "Internet users".

    If, on the other hand, you managed to activate roaming on your device but unfortunately you found yourself having to incur unexpected costs, my suggestion is to get in touch with the customer care of your telephone operator and to ask for clarification in this regard directly to the operator with whom you will go to talk explaining the matter. If you do not know how to do it, you can consult my guides on the subject that I have provided to link you right below.

    • If you have a SIM TIM, read my article dedicated to how I can talk to a TIM operator.
    • If you have a SIM Tre, read my article dedicated to how to contact operator Three.
    • If you have a Vodafone SIM, read my article dedicated to how to talk to a Vodafone operator.
    • If you have a Wind SIM, read my article dedicated to how to talk to Wind operator.
    How to activate roaming

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