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    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    What is Sky Box Sets

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    As I mentioned at the beginning, Sky Box Sets is a Sky service that allows you to watch the best TV series, from the oldest to the latest news, in on-demand mode. It includes the complete seasons of historical television series and new titles to be discovered proposed monthly, to satisfy the tastes and needs of all fans.

    With Sky Box Sets you can watch all kinds of TV series, with titles like "Gomorra", "The Young Pope", "Twin Peaks", "Billions", "Big Little Lies", "1992-1993-1994", "Chernobyl "," Game of Thrones ", and many others, also visible in the original language and with the ability to view subtitles.

    The episodes can also be downloaded in HD and are available forever, with the exception of some titles where the voice appears Expiration date, which indicates its availability for a limited period of time. All clear? Well then we can move on.

    Minimum requirements and supported devices

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    To use Sky Box Sets it is necessary to have a My Sky compatible decoder, having activated the free service Sky on demand and have a good internet connection. Before going into the details of this guide, you must therefore know what the minimum requirements and supported devices from the service.

    First, check that your decoder is a My Sky, My Sky HD or Sky Q decoder and that it is compatible with the Internet connection: in the list of Sky decoders, locate the device in your possession and read its data sheet. In case of incompatibility, you can request a compatible My Sky decoder by connecting to the Sky website, by pressing the button Login placed at the top left and performing the login with your Sky ID, then you will need to access the section do-it-yourself and click on the option Enrich Subscription to request a new decoder.

    As a second step you must make sure that the free service is active Sky on demand: then take the remote control of your decoder, press on red button or on On demand button and, if you are able to access the contents of Sky On Demand, it means that the service is already active. If not, you can read my guide on how to activate Sky On Demand.

    Finally, to watch the Sky Box Sets TV series, a broadband Internet connection (ADSL or optical fiber) is required with a recommended speed of at least 2 Mbps to download low definition content and at least 4 Mbps to download i HD content.

    Prices and activation of Sky Box Sets

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    Since July 2017, Sky Box Sets it is free for all Sky residential customers on the new price list (effective from 2 July 2012) and no activation is required. To have Sky Box Sets, it is therefore sufficient to be a Sky customer and have a decoder among those listed above.

    If you are a Sky customer and want to check that your subscription is on a new price list, connect to the Sky website and press the button Login present at the top right, then enter your data in the fields Username or email e Password and click sul pulsating Log in to connect to your Sky account. If you haven't registered yet and don't have a Sky ID, click the button Not registered? Create your Sky ID now, then enter your details in the fields Client codeTax CodeEmail address e Password, put the check mark next to the item under the item I'm not a robot, click here NEXT and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the registration.

    Now, access the section do-it-yourself and verify that the list of active packages is present Sky TV: if so, your subscription is on a new price list and you can start accessing the contents of Sky Box Sets, otherwise you need to contact Sky assistance by choosing one of the following options.

    • Telephone: you can request the activation of Sky Box Sets by calling Sky customer service at the number 199.100.400, active every day from 08:30 to 22:30. The cost of calls from landlines is 15 cents / minute (without connection fee), while for calls from mobile phones the cost is linked to the operator used.
    • Online assistance: on this page of the Sky website, click on the button Virtual Assistant (top right), provide yours Sky ID and start the chat for assistance.

    For more information on how to contact Sky assistance, I refer you to the in-depth analysis that I have entirely dedicated to the subject.

    If you are not yet a Sky customer and would like to try Sky Box Sets, you can consider activating one of the subscriptions to watch Sky on satellite or via fiber listed below.

    If you are also planning to change telephone operators, know that in some periods of the year some operators may offer fixed-line telephony offers that combine the two. In the past, for example, Fastweb often combined the two by allowing them to sign up for promotions that included Sky Box Sets.

    At the time of writing, there are no offers (from Fastweb and other providers) that allow this to be done. In any case, I will not fail to update the guide should things change.

    How to see Sky Box Sets

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    After activating the services necessary for the operation of Sky Box Sets and making sure you have a compatible decoder, you are able to view the contents of Sky Box Sets. The TV series in the package are also available on computers and tablets, but not on smartphones.

    To view Sky Box Sets from your TV, take the decoder remote control and press the red button or pulsating On Demand, to access the Sky On Demand service, then select the category Box Sets And that's it. Now, you can browse through the available TV series and choose the one you are interested in: press on its cover image to access the list of episodes and presses on the title of each episode you wish to download to start the download.

    You must know that, to start playing the content of your interest, it is not necessary to wait for the download to complete but it is sufficient to wait for a small part of it to be downloaded. Depending on the speed of the connection in use, the times may vary, but the wait to start watching a content is at most few minutes. Once the download has started, you can access the list of downloaded episodes by pressing the button My Sky of your remote control.

    In the case of HD content, once the download has started, the My Sky decoder will perform a connection speed test, and if the time required to download the content exceeds 5 minutes, a warning message will appear allowing you to cancel the download. download, start it in low definition or wait the necessary time for the operation to complete.

    On computers and tablets

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

    As previously written, you can watch Sky Box Sets content on your TV only with My Sky connected to the Internet. However, you must know that if your TV is not connected to the Internet, you can also watch Sky Box Sets TV series from your computer and tablet through the service. Sky Go, by accessing the section On demand.

    Then connect to the Sky Go site and press the button Download Sky Go and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the service client (if you have not already done so). After that, click on the item Settings (on the left), select the wording Log in and enter your login data in the fields Username or Email Address e Password and click sul pulsating Log in to log in. Once logged in, you will be able to view the contents On demand belonging to the category Box Sets, and so you will be able to select the TV series you want to make the download for free using the appropriate button.

    To learn more, I leave you to my guides on how to install Sky Go and how Sky Go works.

    How to activate Sky Box Sets

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