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    How to create a CV easily with Word

    Several possibilities are available to you to create a professional CV with Word. The software offers a few default CV templates that can serve as a customizable base. There are also sites offering preformatted templates in Word format with different themes that you can modify as you wish.

    How to create a CV easily with Word

    The Office suite software has established itself as essential options for the majority of people in terms of office automation. Word is a complete editor for writing any type of document, including Curriculum Vitae. If you have a good creative mind, you can easily create a nice CV with Word Starting from nothing. But a good base can help to go faster.

    Create a CV with Word: how to proceed?

    It's simple. You can access several default CV templates offered by Word. To have the choice between several models, you must be connected to the Internet.

    • Open the software and press File> New
    • Go to the tab Professional in the small menu that appears at the top, next to "suggested searches"
    • You have several professional document templates displayed, including resumes, business brochures, flyers, and more. To display CVs only, select the corresponding category in the menu on the right of the screen
    • Find and select a template that looks appealing to you. Word will download it from the web
    • Edit the template to your preference

    To have more choice of models

    There are several websites that offer professional resume templates in doc or docx format. You will be able to download and customize your guide. Among the examples of sites offering a good base of free CV templates, we can cite,, professional-resume-templates. There are several others, do not hesitate to look further if you do not find your favorite.

    Finally, don't forget that your CV must above all reflect your own personality. Do not hesitate to change the colors of the sections, the bullets and other details to give a look specific to your desires and especially to your profession.

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