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    How to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM

    Preliminary information

    Before getting to the point, going to explain what are the steps that must be taken for deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM, it seems necessary to make an important clarification: the procedure to be implemented differs significantly depending on whether you intend completely cease your use or switch to another operator.

    In the first case, you must communicate your intentions to Wind and it will then be the manager himself who will take care of the deactivation of the card. In the second case, however, you do not have to communicate absolutely anything to Wind but you must get in direct contact with the operator to which you intend to migrate your line: once portability is performed, your Wind SIM will be deactivated automatically.

    Another possibility is to wait for the natural expiration of the SIM: in this way, the card and the number associated with it will be deactivated automatically and definitively, except for the implementation of any practices to proceed with its reactivation.

    Another thing that I invite you to take into consideration is the possibility that a contractual obligation (e.g. 12 or 24 months), as this could lead you to incur additional costs.

    Furthermore, if you have activated the SIM Wind in conjunction with thepurchase of a smartphone or other device in installments, you will have to worry about paying the remaining installments in a single solution. So, before proceeding, I invite you to read the conditions relating to Wind services with the utmost attention.

    How to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's then find out, in practice, what needs to be done to be able to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM. You will find everything explained in detail below, both as regards the complete termination of the line and as regards the possibility of letting the SIM expire and switch to another operator.

    Complete termination of users

    If you wish to deactivate your rechargeable Wind SIM by going to definitively cease users, all you have to do is communicate your intentions to the manager in writing, via recommended return, PEC, phone or by acting in person.

    To be precise, if you want to contact Wind by registered letter with return receipt, write your request taking care to specify yours name, your last name, telephone number, SIM serial number to be deactivated and the reason so you intend to proceed with the operation.

    Complete the request by including yours signature and send it all, along with the double-sided photocopy of your valid identity document to the following address: WIND Tre SpA - Cancellation Service - Post Office Box 14155 - Post Office Milan 65 - 20152 Milan.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to apply for the deactivation of your SIM via PEC, you can send the same documentation as above to the following address:

    To proceed with the complete termination of the user by telephone, instead, call the 155 (Wind's customer service number) from your mobile or landline, listen to the welcome message and press the key for receive assistance from a consultant (should be the 2).

    Subsequently, if you are calling directly from your Wind number, wait on the line, otherwise press the button 1 and type in the number in relation to which you intend to go to act. Afterward, crush the again key for receive assistance from a consultant (should be the 3) and wait for the response from the operator, to whom you will then go and explain what your needs are.

    When contacting Wind customer service, be aware that the combination of keys to press to speak to an operator is subject to change over time. So, my indications aside, always listen with the utmost attention to the instructions of the guide voice, in order to avoid making mistakes and going into unnecessary waste of time.

    As I told you a moment ago, you can apply to deactivate your SIM also by going in person to one of the many Wind centers present on the national territory and exposing to the sales person what your intentions are.

    If you do not know where the Wind center closest to you is located, you can search for it using the appropriate map on the website of the operator, by consenting to the browser warning to detect your position or by typing your address in the search field located at the top on the left and clicking on the button Search.

    Both in the case of the SIM deactivation request (through 155) and through the Wind shop, keep in mind that the person with whom you will find yourself speaking will ask you specific questions to make sure of your real identity. Only later will it be possible to proceed with the deactivation of the card.

    Expiry of the SIM

    Be your a SIM Wind a recharge is not carried out for more than 13 months, the latter is subject to deadline and its deactivation, therefore, occurs in a manner automatic. Another system that you can use to deactivate your Wind card, therefore, if you are not in a particularly hurry or have no special needs, is to wait for the natural expiration of the same.

    In case of second thoughts and if it has not passed more than a year from the deactivation of the card, it is possibly possible activate again the SIM, as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how to reactivate an expired SIM. For further details, you can refer to the specific information web page available on the Wind website.

    Switch to another operator

    You are interested in understanding how to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM because you want switch to another operator carrying out the portability of the number to the latter? In that case, that's enough for you contact the new operator directly of your interest and communicate to the latter what your intentions are, together with theoffering you wish to subscribe. Once portability is complete, the Wind SIM in your possession will be deactivated in automatic.

    You can contact the new manager in three different ways, those indicated and explained below.

    • Go to a new operator's shop - go in person to one of the Wind centers present on the national territory and express your intention to carry out the portability of the number. In doing this, remember to bring your valid identity document, your current SIM and tax code with you. If you intend to subscribe to an offer that requires a credit card or current account to be charged, remember to also bring your credit card or your bank account details.
    • Contact the new operator by phone - call the customer service of the new operator of your interest. Explain to the consultant who will answer you what your intentions are, choose the promotion you want to subscribe and provide the further details relating to your person and your current SIM Wind that are requested. Subsequently, you will be sent a new SIM at home, by courier, which, once portability is complete, you will have to use in place of the one currently in place (or which you can use immediately, using a provisional number).
    • Activate an online offer - you can switch from Wind to another operator also by subscribing to an offer via the Internet. To do this, just visit the website of the reference provider, choose the offer that interests you most among those available and activate a SIM by requesting number portability. Even in this case, the SIM of the new operator will then be sent to your home, which you can start using once the portability is complete or immediately, using the provisional number.

    Unless there are complications, the transition from one operator to another - once you have received the new SIM from you and the necessary documentation from the operator - requires a maximum of two working days. In any case, the successful outcome of the procedure will be communicated to you by the new operator via a specific SMS.

    Also keep in mind that, unless otherwise specified, number portability is generally free. However, if the contract you signed with the old operator (in this case Wind) provided time constraints (e.g. from 12, 24, or 30 months) but if you withdraw in advance, you may be subject to the payment of penalties and additional costs calculated on the basis of any discounts and bonuses accrued at the time of subscribing to the offer.

    If you then have the remaining credit on your Wind SIM, remember, before starting the procedure for number portability, to request the transfer by downloading the appropriate form from the Wind website, printing it, filling it in with the requested data, signing it and sending it to the following address by registered mail A / R (also attaching a copy of a valid identity document): Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA - Post office box 14155 - Post office Milan 65 - 20152 Milan MI.

    For more details about the practices described in this chapter, I refer you to reading my guide on how to change telephone operator and my specific tutorials on how to switch to TIM, how to switch to Vodafone and how to switch to Iliad.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    Have you followed my instructions on how to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM card but there is something that is not yet very clear to you or has some hitch arisen in the course of work? Given the circumstances, the best suggestion I can give you is to get in touch with the customer care operator.

    If you don't know how to do it, read my guide on how to talk to a Wind operator. I already anticipate that this is feasible by telephone and through social networks. Both systems are equally valid, feel free to opt for what you think can do the most for you, depending on your needs and the means in your possession.

    You can also consider the hypothesis of exploiting the guided assistance service accessible online, on the Wind website: thanks to it, you can quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding practically every type of service offered by the operator.

    If, on the other hand, you have requested number portability and you are experiencing difficulties that must be answered by the new operator, you can find out how to get in touch with the relevant customer service by reading my specific guides on how to talk to a TIM operator, how to talk to a Vodafone operator and how to talk to an Iliad operator.

    How to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM

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