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    How to disable TIMvision

    How to disable TIMvision Plus

    disable TIMvision Plus, the "complete" version of TIMvision that allows you to access the complete TIMvision and discovery + catalog and watch the channels live Sky One, Sky Art, Sky TG24, Sky Sports 24, Eurosport 1 ed Eurosport 2, you need to go to your account settings and select the option to disable automatic subscription renewal. Find everything explained in detail right below.

    How to disable TIMvision by computer

    How to disable TIMvision

    disable TIMvision from computer, connected to the official website of the service and, if you have not already done so, access your account: then click on the button Log in, inseerisci i tuoi dati nei campi Enter your email address e Enter your password and press pulsating Log in.

    Now, click on the option Profile, at the top right, and select the item Manage your profile from the menu that appears. In the new screen that appears, select the option Subscriptions in the left sidebar, locate the section TIMvision Plus and click on the button Modification.

    At this point, click on the option disable and, on the screen Subscription deactivationclick on your button Confirmation, to disable the automatic renewal of your subscription. You will be able to continue using the service until the natural expiry date of the subscription.

    How do you say? You have activated the free TIMvision trial to access the complete catalog of the free service for 30 days and now you are wondering how to disable TIMvision free trial? You must know that the procedure to follow is identical to the one I indicated in the previous paragraphs.

    Please note, however, that in this case the service will be immediately interrupted and you will not be able to take advantage of the remaining days of the free trial.

    How to disable TIMvision from mobile

    How to disable TIMvision

    Be your intention è deactivate TIMvision from a mobile phone and you have activated the service in question with payment by credit / debit card or debit on the invoice (if you are a TIM customer on a fixed line), the procedure is almost identical to what I have previously indicated to deactivate TIMvision from a computer.

    To proceed, take your smartphone (or your tablet), start the app TIMvision for Android or iPhone / iPad devices and log into your account. Then press the ☰ button, at the top left, and tap theemail address associated with your account.

    In the new screen that appears, select the option Subscriptions, locate the item TIMvision Plus and tap the relevant button Modification. At this point, press on the item disable e fai tap sull'opzione Confirmation, to confirm your intention to deactivate TIMvision Plus.

    If, on the other hand, you have activated TIMvision Plus from iPhone / iPad, you should know that the payment for the service in question takes place via the payment method associated with your Apple ID. In this case, it is therefore necessary to proceed from Settings of iOS.

    To do this, take yours iPhone / iPad, premi sull'icona della rotella d'ingranaggio, tap on yours photo displayed at the top and, on the screen Apple ID, select the option Subscriptions. Then locate the section with the active subscriptions listed, tap on TIMvision and press on the item Cancel subscription, to disable the automatic renewal of TIMvision.

    How to deactivate TIMvision by telephone

    How to disable TIMvision

    It was preferred disable TIMvision by telephone and, when activating the service, you have chosen the debit on the invoice as a payment method, you can contact the TIM customer service by calling 187.

    To proceed, then take your phone, dial the number I just indicated and start the call. After hearing the welcome message, press the key 1 to access the section relating to commercial advice and press the button again 1 to find out about the offers active on your line. At this point, wait online to speak with a TIM operator to whom you can request the deactivation of TIMvision Plus.

    If, on the other hand, you are paying for TIMvision by credit card, you can deactivate the service by calling the number 800.187.800 dedicated to TIMvision, TIMgames and TIMmusic customers. In this case, after starting the call and listening to the welcome message, press the key 1 to get in touch with a real operator to whom you can request the deactivation of TIMvision Plus.

    In both cases, since the combination of keys to press after calling TIM customer service is subject to variations, I advise you to carefully follow the instructions in the guide to avoid making mistakes.

    How to deactivate TIMvision base

    How to disable TIMvision

    How do you say? You are wondering how to deactivate TIMvision base? In this case, you must know that the service in question is reserved for TIM customers who have activated one of the fixed line offers among those that include the video streaming service in question, as I explained to you in my guide on how to get TIMvision for free. .

    This means that, even if you do not intend to use the service, you cannot deactivate the basic version of TIMvision as it is included at no cost in your TIM offer.

    How to disable TIMvision Eurosport

    How to disable TIMvision

    All new users who subscribe for the first time to TIMvision Plus can also access the channels of Eurosport (Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 and all the extra channels that broadcast live) for 12 months at no additional cost and without any possibility of renewal.

    So if you have activated TIMvision Plus and, now, you are wondering how to disable TIMvision Eurosport, you will be pleased to know that no action from you is required. In fact, at the end of the promotional period, the offer in question will be automatically deactivated, as indicated in the section Subscriptions of your TIMvision account.

    Keep in mind, however, that the cancellation of TIMvision Plus also involves the immediate deactivation of the Eurosport promo which, after the first activation, can no longer be activated in the future.

    How to disable TIMvision

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