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    How to INSTALL GIT on WINDOWS 10 (2022)

    In this present we are going to find out how to introduce GIT in Windows 10. As we found in the past post: What is Git and what is it for, GIT is a vital device that is constantly turning out to be more significant for organizations. Particularly in times when remote working is turning out to be more and more vital.

    Consequently today I will tell you the best way to introduce git on windows 10 in an extremely QUICK and EASY way.

    Install GIT on Windows

    • Download the GITBASH installer for Windows.
    • Once downloaded, run it and follow the instructions to the end. Then, at that point, click the "Finish" button to finish the establishment.
    • Confirm that the program has been entered correctly.
    • Once in gitbash run the command git - form to confirm the git adaptation.
    • Make sure to set your name and email

    git config - - worldwide "Your name".

    git config - - worldwide ""

    Make sure to change "Your name" to your genuine name and "" to your email.


    Besides that it is so natural to introduce GIT on Windows 10, and we are prepared to use it with GITBASH connected to a GITHUB account. Remember to comment in case you have any questions or ideas. See you in the next post.

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