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    How to install IPTV Extreme app on TV

    Il sistema IPTV ha rivoluzionato il modo in cui le persone guardano i canali televisivi senza antenna televisiva e senza parabola: di fatto basta un'app per avere tutto a portata di tap, basta solo caricare la lista giusta. Ovviamente le liste IPTV dei canali a pagamento sono illegali, ma sono presenti anche liste IPTV legittime che possono essere visualizzate su qualsiasi dispositivo senza incorrere in rischi di tipo penale.

    La migliore app per gestire le liste è Extreme IPTV, made by a programmer in the country and available for Android from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately this app is not available on the vast majority of Smart TVs in the living room, forcing us to use other less successful or impractical IPTV apps.

    In this guide we will show you how to install theapp IPTV Extreme your TV, so that you can benefit from all its functions without having to change your TV or, worse, focus on similar apps but with obvious limits in terms of advanced configuration and security (we remind you that IPTV Extreme also supports VPN connections).

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    Using IPTV Extreme on TV

    The IPTV Extreme app is natively available only on televisions that use Android TV as an operating system: in this scenario, installation is very simple and within everyone's reach. If we have a Smart TV from LG, Samsung or any other manufacturer (without Android TV) we will show you how to get IPTV Extreme to see the lists of TV channels at the highest quality.

    Get IPTV Extreme on Android TV

    If we are among the lucky owners of a Smart TV with the Android TV operating system, we can install IPTV Extreme by opening the integrated Google Play Store and looking for the name of the app.

    Una volta installata l'app IPTV Extreme apriamola, premiamo sul tasto Impostazioni in alto a destra, portiamoci in Playlist e aggiungiamo la playlist IPTV in nostro possesso.

    Se l'app IPTV Extreme non è visibile dal Google Play Store integrato nel televisore (magari per un blocco del produttore), possiamo aprire un qualsiasi browser sul televisore e portarci sul sito APKMirror, dove è possibile scaricare l'APK dell'app e installarla sul televisore come visto nella guida su How to Download APK files of Android apps.

    Get IPTV Extreme on TV with Fire TV Stick

    If our TV is not Android TV or we have an LG or Samsung Smart TV we can install the IPTV Extreme app on TV using an external device such as the Fire TV Stick Lite, available on Amazon for less than € 40.

    By connecting this device to an HDMI socket on the TV we can install IPTV Extreme using an Android app called Apps2Fire.

    All we have to do is install this app, configure it to access the Fire TV (the guide is present below) and, once everything is set up, download the IPTV Extreme app on our Android phone, so that we can transfer it to the Fire TV Stick as shown in our guide Install Android App on Fire Stick TV, from APK or Store.

    At the end of the transfer the IPTV Extreme app will appear on the Fire TV Home screen, just start it and load your favorite IPTV list to view it on any TV. The only disadvantage of this solution is the failure to update the app: for this reason we advise you to repeat the procedure at least once a month, so as to always have the latest version of the app even on Fire TV.

    Get IPTV Extreme on TV with Chromecast

    Another effective method to install the IPTV Extreme app on TV is to use the chromecast, the HDMI dongle from Google available on the official page.

    Using the Chromecast the steps to have IPTV Extreme on TV are even simpler than those seen on Fire TV Stick. To proceed, in fact, simply connect an Android smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network where the Chromecast is present, install the IPTV Extreme app on the phone, load the IPTV list or playlist in our possession on it and, before pressing on any channel, press the Gooogle Cast symbol at the top to start the connection with the Chromecast.

    Now all we have to do is choose one of the channels in the app to start playback on the TV. In this case the IPTV Extreme app will always be updated, since it is present among the apps installed on our phone: just open the Google Play Store and install all the updates, as also seen in the guide How to update Android apps on smartphones and tablets.


    IPTV Extreme è probabilmente la migliore app per le liste IPTV e integrarla su tutti i televisori, indipendentemente dal sistema operativo che essi adottano.

    Con Android TV siamo decisamente avvantaggiati visto che possiamo scaricare direttamente l'app e tenerla aggiornata, ma anche sui televisori LG e Samsung possiamo beneficiare di un'so powerful app using the Fire TV Stick or Chromecast, ormai presenti in ogni casa tecnologica Sulla carta è possibile utilizzare anche un TV Box con sistema operativo Android, ma in questi anni il loro uso è calato tantissimo visto che gli stick HDMI funzionano davvero bene.

    se proprio vogliamo puntare su un TV Box tradizionale vi consigliamo di leggere la nostra guida Best Android TV Boxes for Movies, TV Series and IPTV.

    To learn more about the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast, we refer you to reading our articles Chromecast guide with 16 tricks and applications to use it to the fullest e Amazon Fire TV Stick guide with hidden tricks, apps and features.

    Se lo streaming dei canali IPTV è lento possiamo leggere anche la nostra guida ai Live video streaming problems: how to solve (DAZN, NOW TV, IPTV etc.).

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