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    How to remove or completely uninstall Family Link

    This parental control application may be a bit difficult to uninstall or totally erase from your gadget in the event that you don't have the important information to carry out this activity, in any case, by adhering to the instructions to remove it, it turns into a simple and quick cycle.

    How to remove Family Link completely?

    As guardians we most often stress over our children continuously, we particularly feel uneasy regarding the control of mechanical gadgets by them as a method it can be utilized for harmful purposes also.

    Despite the fact that we might want to have the option to know everything they do throughout their lives, there comes a time when we should give them their protection and that is the point at which we should say goodbye to the Family Link application.

    Regrettably, deleting Family Link forever can be a troublesome piece on the off chance that you don't have the important information. Despite the fact that deleting the Google Play Store account from your Android seems like an opportunity, attempt less infrequent arrangements first.

    Therefore, you want to follow a progression of steps that will enable you to uninstall and remove Family Link without any trouble.

    What are the means to remove Family Link?

    To uninstall Family Link you must have at your fingertips the gadget where it is introduced.

    To remove the application you must go to "Settings" and then find the "Settings" option and select it, but the name of the option differs depending on the shape of your gadget.

    Once you have done this, you should choose the "Individual" checkbox and then take a look at the list of options and select the "Logs" option.

    You will see that a window will pop up where you will observe each of the records that are synchronized with it. You will most likely notice that there is no option that says "Family Link".

    Because of this you should choose the container that says "Google", which will allow you to see the tracked profiles there.

    Whenever you have done this, you should find the profile from which you need to uninstall the Family Link App.

    You should note that you should not choose the main profile, as following these means will cause Family Link to be removed completely.

    Steps to uninstall Family Link

    What we performed above only attempts to delete the Family Link account, so we must continue to uninstall it.

    To do this we must go back to "Synchronization" of the records and we will see how the "Delete account" checkbox.

    Selecting the past option will pop up a window asking if you are sure you need to uninstall the Family Link application and you just need to click "OK" for the interaction to be completed.

    As an extra advancement you can delete the Play Store backup, this doesn't impact the outcome of the evacuation but it helps you work on exposing your phone and the Play Store.

    How to delete a Family Link account from the app?

    Assuming that what you need is to erase a record related to your family bunch you simply need to enter the application from the gadget where you need to erase it and there you should choose the "Settings Manager" choice.

    Then, at that point, you should find and tap on "Data record" and among the list of options that will appear you should choose "Delete account".

    After that you just have to acknowledge when the case asking if you are certain shows up and that's it.

    This technique will enable you to delete a record from your Family Link center without uninstalling the application from your own gadget.

    It should be noted that this interaction should be possible from your program through your Google account on your PC.

    Nonetheless, the series of steps differs a bit from the aforementioned, as the options are not portrayed similarly despite the fact that they are comparable.

    The varieties of this technique are that among the related Google profile options you should find "Parental Controls" instead of the application name. Then, at that point, just pick the profile record you need to erase and that's it.

    It is essential to remember that you should be cautious when doing this, since, in such a case you delete a Google Play Store account unexpectedly then you should go through the interaction to connect by and by.

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