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    How to remove Windows viruses in safe mode

    How to remove Windows viruses in safe mode

    Today, more than ever, it is necessary to know what to do in the event that your computer is attacked by so many malware that infest the network. On Windows, whichever version is installed, the most effective way to try to get rid of the viruses is to boot the device into Safe mode.

    There are a number of reasons that justify this solution. Let's start by briefly explaining the function of Safe Mode. This is an option that allows Microsoft's operating system to start only basic files and drivers, while other programs are excluded from the reboot. Safe mode is a very effective tool for fixing some Windows problems. An example will help clarify its usefulness in virus removal. Let's say that the malware that infected your PC starts running as soon as Windows is restarted, blocking the antivirus. With Safe Mode, malicious software it is not loaded by the operating system.

    Launch Safe Mode

    The user, thanks to the safe mode, is more likely to succeed against the malware. There are several methods to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10. Let's consider what allows you to launch the option from login screen.

    Restart the PC and immediately press the power button and the shift key together for a few seconds. Windows will make you restart your computer.

    Then, from "Choose an option" click on "Troubleshoot" and then on: "Advanced options", "Startup settings" and finally "Restart". The PC will turn on again and show a window with some items.

    Seeing as you will need to download a new antivirus or use an online scanner it is better to press on key 5, which allows you to boot into safe mode with the internet.

    Let us now try to remove the virus from your computer. To speed up the antivirus scanning process, it is advisable to free some space from the hard disk by deleting all unnecessary files. To do this, simply launch the "Disk Cleanup" tool and go on. At this point we are ready to try to eliminate the infection.

    The antivirus installed on the PC will be of little use. One is because it was unable to stop the virus. Two because in safe mode the protection program is not started by Windows.

    It is therefore urgent to download a new one from the net. Alternatively, it is also possible to use one of the many online scanners always available on the internet, which do not require any installation on the computer.

    Now all that remains is to launch the chosen tool and hope that it will be able to identify and eliminate the cyber threat. Once the malware is removed, finally restart your computer.

    How to remove Windows viruses in safe mode

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