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    How to securely delete Windows 10 files

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    Delete a file on a computer with an operating system Windows 10 it is not enough to make it disappear from your hard drive and if you care about privacy this could be a problem for you. If they steal your PC or lose it, in fact, there is a good chance that whoever got it can read at least part of the files you thought you destroyed.

    When delete a file on Windows 10in fact, you're just moving it to the trash. Even if you empty the recycle bin you are not deleting it completely, but you are really just hiding it from view. The actual deletion of the file occurs only if other data is written on the same portion of the disk where that file was previously. Before then every file on your hard drive is recoverable, although a paid professional data recovery service may be required to visit and bring it back to life. If, on the other hand, you need forever and securely destroy your files on Windows 10, then you need to use a third party application. Here are three, effective and that work.


    Eraser it's a fairly flexible software: it can destroy a single file, folder or entire disk forever. It integrates perfectly with the Windows Explorer, adding an item to the menu that opens by right clicking on a file (or folder or disk). For to destroy a file you have to select it and choose Erase from the menu, then confirm that you want to do it. And that's it: goodbye files. Or you can use Eraser by setting up automated tasks, for example to delete a certain folder every certain amount of time.

    File Shredder

    A second utility for Securely deleting your files on Windows 10 is File Shredder. It can be used as a stand-alone application or directly from Explorer, again by right clicking on the files. The interesting thing about this application is that it allows you to also choose the algorithm by which the deletions of files are managed. If you have very advanced security needs then probably File Shredder is the program for you.


    Freeraser is the third software we recommend you for permanently and securely delete your files on Windows 10. In addition to the two operating methods already seen on the other utilities (from inside the application or from inside explorer), Freeraser also has a very convenient third one: it creates an icon on the desktop very similar to that of the trash and allows you to drag and drop the files you want to shred. Basically you can delete files safely via drag and drop. Very comfortable.

    How to securely delete Windows 10 files

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