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    iPhone: 15 secret codes to unlock hidden functions

    Did you know that your iPhone has many secret codes and hidden functions? Blocked account management, calls, IMEI, hiding your number, advanced “Field Test” mode. These tips can make your life easier: with this list of codes, discover all the secrets that your iPhone is still hiding from you.

    Secret codes for iPhone to know

    Were you old enough to have a laptop in the mid-90s? You probably remember all those codes that allowed access to hidden functions of the good old Nokia 33xx. Well believe it or not, even the iPhone 7 that just came out has almost the same!

    Thus, with a few key combinations, you can access hidden functions that are surprisingly effective, for example, to better manage your plan. To dial these codes, you must go to the Phone application, and enter them as if they were phone numbers. Here is the full list.

    Field test mode

    This mode looks like a hidden application for technicians. It allows you to consult a large amount of information on the GSM, 3G and LTE antennas in your immediate environment, to take measurements, and to obtain information hidden on your SIM card. If you are looking for secrets on your iPhone, start with the following code:

    *3001#12345#* + Call

    Get your iPhone's IMEI number

    Very practical, because often requested by the operator, this code allows you to obtain the IMEI number of your iPhone in a few seconds. The code in question:

    * # # 06

    No need to press Call here. You should know that this very useful code works on all phones, even non-Apple.

    Consult the number of your SMS call center

    This code displays the number of your SMS call center:

    *#5005*7672# + Call

    Improve sound quality (at the expense of battery)

    You can toggle EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode on and off, which improves sound quality, but may drain the battery a little faster. If that doesn't work, be aware that some carriers don't allow you to change this setting. The code :

    * 3370 #

    Better manage your package

    Obviously, these codes will not work if you have an unlimited voice plan. Of course, there are apps to better manage your plan and know where you are, generally provided by the operator. But when you know the codes on the phone, everything goes faster!

    An example of an exorbitant bill

    Obviously, to better control your bill, there's nothing like subscribing to a suitable plan, especially for your roaming data consumption!

    How many minutes do you have left?

    Dial *646# + Call

    Consult your off-package

    Dial *225# + Call

    Check your account balance

    Dial *777# + Call

    Consult your outstanding data (with certain operators)

    Dial *3282# + Call

    View the status of call restrictions and forwarding

    Several numbers allow you to see, for example, if a forwarding is activated. Before you get upset after trying to block a number or trying to forward calls, try checking out the following numbers:

    View Call Feature Status

    Type *#33# + Call

    Check Call Tracking Status When iPhone Is Busy

    Type *#67# + Call

    View call trace status when there is no network

    Type *#62# + Call

    Know what happens when you don't answer

    Type *#61# + Call

    Check the status of restrictions

    Type *#21# + Call

    Find out if your number is hidden

    Type *#76# + Call

    Block calls abroad

    This number doesn't seem to work with all carriers, but it's worth testing:

     *331* + Call (and *331# to deactivate it)

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    It's amusing to see that in the age of smartphones, the good old Nokia codes have barely aged. Obviously all these codes are useful only if they are used often, which implies memorizing some of them. Did you know any of them? Tell us everything in the comments!

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