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    Nintendo Switch: the 9 hidden features you can't live without

    The Nintendo Switch is loaded with features and some of them are not so easy to find for a user who hasn't paid much attention to them. However, some of them turn out to be very practical and you just have to know that they exist. By becoming acquainted with it, it may well be that you will soon not be able to do without it. 

    While the Switch was an incredible commercial success in 2017 and Nintendo plans to do even better in 2018 and 2019, many users are not exploiting their console to its full potential. But by taking a little interest in all its features, we manage to find really very practical options that make the user experience more pleasant. Of course, you have to draw according to your uses and your needs, but casual players should learn some interesting information.

    Turn on your TV with the Switch

    It is possible turn on your TV directly and switch it to the right channel inserting the console into the center of the docking station. This requires that the Switch is off and not on standby. If you want to put your Switch on the dock without turning on your TV, just don't turn it off and leave it on standby, leaving you the choice to activate the option or not. If you don't like it at all, it is also possible to deactivate it completely.

    Plug in a keyboard or headset

    The Switch has three USB ports. It is possible to connect most keyboards to navigate in the menus or type messages or passwords. On the other hand, it is impossible to play with a keyboard, while keyboard-mouse compatibility will soon arrive on Xbox One. Some USB headsets are also compatible with the Switch even though they are advertised as PS4 or Xbox devices.

    Play online over Ethernet

    Some users complain about the slow Wi-Fi on their Switch. One solution may be to get an Ethernet-USB LAN adapter, which we advise you to plug into the port inside the dock, which is the fastest. Be careful to make sure you get an adapter compatible with the Switch, not all of them are!

    Check the battery level at any time

    The autonomy of the Switch on the move can be a problem for some users. It varies a lot depending on the game and can be extended by decreasing the brightness of the screen or by cutting connectivity by activating airplane mode for example.

    To find out how much time you have left before the console lets you go while you're in the middle of the game, just press the home button for a second to display a menu that gives you the indication. You can then adjust volume or brightness and return to play instantly.

    To keep the percentage of remaining battery indicated at the top right of the screen, you have to go to the options and look for the Battery feature of the console in the System menu.

    Know how much time you've spent on a game

    To know our playing time, just click on the profile picture at the top left of the home screen and select “Profile”. In "Game History", Nintendo informs you of the time spent on the titles that you have tried. Do not panic if you have exceeded 100 hours on Zelda Breath of the Wild, you are far from alone. It is also possible to observe the activity of his friends by going to their profile.

    Change region to access exclusives

    Most Switch games don't make any difference whether you're on a North American, European or Japanese server, but one region sometimes benefits in advance from a title. More anecdotally, the illustrations of the games are sometimes different. This is the case for Zelda for example. To change region, simply go to Options, System then Region.

    Switch stuck or freezing

    Some users have encountered problems with Switch stuck in the menu or freezing and preventing us from doing anything. Sometimes the console doesn't even want to turn off anymore. One solution is to perform a hard reboot holding down the ignition button for about 12 seconds. Once the Switch is off, wait a minute before restarting it.

    Use black theme

    More suitable for night gamers and just plain better looking for some, the black theme is also a way to preserve some autonomy in mobility. To try it out, head to the options and go to the “Themes” menu.

    Using the Joy-Con with an Android Smartphone

    The Joy-Cons work with Bluetooth and it is possible to connect to your Android smartphone or even to his PC. You have to press the small synchronization button at the top until the lights flash, then let your smartphone or PC search for the Joy-Con in Bluetooth. To use them on a PC, however, you have to download software (JoyToKey or Xpadder (paying) for example) to configure the keys.

    But of course, to really take full advantage of the Nintendo console, the main thing is to have fun and innovative games that give us pleasure for hours on end. Our selection of the best Switch games will help you make your selection.

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