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    Open PDF with Google Chrome as the default reader

    All those who use Google Chrome as a browser to browse the internet and who do not need advanced programs to open PDF files, can safely uninstall any other pdf reader and use Chrome as the default reader.
    In fact, if you don't need programs that edit PDFs (usually for a fee) and then if you only need a program to open pdfs and read them on your computer, there is no need to keep heavy and unnecessary programs because Google Chrome is a pdf reader to all effects.

    The procedure for set Chrome Browser as the default program for opening PDFs it is easy and trivial, without resorting to strange tricks or procedures.

    On Windows 10 and Windows 7 and 8 just click with the right mouse button on any pdf file, choose Open With from the drop-down menu, click on Default program and select Google Chrome from the list of other applications, checking where it is written "Always use the selected program to open this type of file".

    If Chrome does not appear in the list of applications, press the Browse button and select the chrome.exe file by navigating to the path of the folder that contains it. To find out what folder chrome.exe is in, you can right-click on the desktop shortcut used to open the Chrome browser normally and read the path in the "destination" line.
    For Windows 10 and Windows 7 the path to find the chrome.exe file is: C: Program Files (x86) GoogleChromeApplication

    From now on, you can open each PDF directly in a new tab on Google Chrome, which works as a pdf reader and displays overlay buttons with which to quickly zoom the page.
    If that doesn't work, make sure the option located in Settings> Privacy> Site Settings> PDF Documents> Download PDF is disabled.
    The Chrome PDF reader is an integrated function in the browser so there is no need for Acrobat Reader to be present on the computer (as required to open them with Firefox).
    You can then put aside the heavy Adobe Acrobat or any other pdf reader alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader and use Google Chrome.

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