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    Open your bookmarks when starting the browser

      Open your bookmarks when starting the browser Penso sia un'abitudine generale quella di aprire, prima di tutto, alcune pagine preferite quando si entra in internet ogni giorno (ad esempio: Facebook, Repubblica e ). Potrebbe allora essere preferibile set the browser to open these sites automatically as soon as it is launched.
      This is a fairly simple operation, where possible, depending on the browser you use to browse the internet.
      In this post then let's see how to set Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera to open multiple web pages or tabs, automatically, when the browser is launched.

      1) Google Chrome, now the most used browser in the world, it has several options to open multiple websites along with its launch.
      Then press the button with three lines at the top right (the one that was previously a wrench) and enter the settings.
      With Chrome it is quite obvious that the option to configure is under the heading "At startup" by pressing the "Set Pages" link next to the line "Open a specific page or set of pages".
      In the window you can specify the internet addresses of the sites to be loaded at launch.
      To do this first, you can keep the sites you want to load already open when Chrome starts and then press the "Use Current Pages" button.
      You can also choose "Continue where I left off" to reopen the sites you were looking at before closing your browser.
      It should be noted that Chrome also has an option, in the initial tab at the bottom, to reopen the last closed tabs and that, in the event of a crash, you can restore navigation with all the tabs open.
      In Chrome, all session data is saved, so if you put sites like Facebook or GMail to open automatically, it will log in without having to specify passwords.

      2) With Firefox there is a dedicated option for configure multiple opening of different web pages.
      In Firefox you must first open the tabs you want to set as "home page" and to do this you need to click on the button at the top right with three lines and enter the options. On the Home tab, select that when Firefox starts, the sites of the addresses indicated open.
      3) Su Microsoft Edge you can add the sites to open when the browser is started in the same way as Chrome, from the Settings, by going to the On Startup tab.
      4) Opera it is a bit different than other browsers in case you want to set up multiple home pages.
      You have to open all the pages to load at startup, click on the Opera button, click on tabs and windows, then on sessions and save the session with a name, placing the cross on the "Load at Opera startup" option. In Opera, in the General Preferences, there are other options to reload the previous session or the saved session and thus open several different sites at startup depending on the choice.

      If you prefer only one home tab, another article lists the best home pages to use on browsers.

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