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    Print via the internet from PCs and mobile phones (Google Cloud Print)

      Print via the internet from PCs and mobile phones (Google Cloud Print) If you have a computer with the printer connected, as seen in another guide, you can activate the printer sharing option so that all the other computers on your home network (at home or at work) are able to use that printer. In a network, therefore, it is never necessary to have more than one printer, it is sufficient that the only printer is connected to one of the computers that are switched on, so that the others can use it to print any document. However, the case in which it is desired is different print with your home printer connected to your computerUsing a mobile phone or another PC connected to the internet but not belonging to the same network.
      What we want to do is therefore print a document with your home printer, even if you are in another place or in another city or even to print from other home PCs that are not networked together. You can then buy a printer that connects independently to the internet and supports printing via Email or, without spending a penny, with the traditional printer, you can use Google Chrome Cloud Printer for free.

      Cloud Printer allows you to access your existing printer from any computer or mobile phone via the Internet and can be used for share the printer with anyone else on the web, even if far away. Assuming that the printer is connected to a Windows or Mac computer, it can be shared with other computers by following the following configuration:

      NOTE: Google Cloud Print is no longer supported from 2022. in another article le alternative a Google CLoud Print.

      1) From the computer connected to the printer, open Google Chrome browser, go to the management menu at the top right, access the advanced options and, at the bottom, press the button to activate the Google Cloud Print. In the following window, finish the registration which will lead to the activation of all printers connected to the computer, including virtual ones (such as PDF and XPS printers), so that they can be shared on the internet.

      2) By pressing the key Printer Management, it can be choose a printer to share it with the outside world. However, the printer is not shared with everyone, you have to indicate which Google accounts can print so, if you want to have a friend print with the printer at home, you have to invite him to print. If you plan to use the printer only for yourself, to print remotely even outside the home, you can also leave it as it is.
      In any case, printer management can be done from the page where you can configure print queues and printers. Then press on Printers, select the default one, click on the Share button and add, in the box below, other Google or Gmail accounts that can print from that printer.

      Given that the PC connected to the printer must be turned on (unless you are using a cloud printer that can connect to the internet independently), to print via the internet using Cloud Printer you have to connect with your account, from any PC, even from another city, at the address
      If this address is accessed by the friend whose account has been indicated with the Share option, he must click on Printers and accept the share.
      At this point, just press the red "Print" button, upload a word, pdf, excel or photo file e print it by selecting the shared printer.
      You can also press the advanced options button to configure print quality, paper orientation and other features.
      Once the file is printed, on the owner's PC printer, a new print job is started as if printing from that computer.

      Google Cloud Print, launched some time ago, now works correctly without complex configurations required, without having to meet particular requirements, to print from any computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.
      The only requirement is that, on the PC that shares the printer (in this case only Mac and Windows), the Google Chrome browser must be used for the initial configuration of the sharing service.

      To print any Google Docs document, PDF or image found on the internet, you can install the Google Cloud Printer extension on Google Chrome which enables a print button on the address bar.
      Your macTo share the printer, the Cloud Printer program must be installed.
      If the printouts remain in the "Queued" state, try deleting the printer and re-adding it to the share.

      On iPhone mobile phones and smartphones, you can print with the cloud printer, any Google Docs document, Gmail and the Google Apps Mobile applications accessible at the address .
      Furthermore, for Android, there is the application Cloud Print which allows you to print anything from any application, always from the same computer printer shared via Google's cloud service.
      It goes without saying that this service was designed for Chromebooks, the new all cloud Google laptops.
      On this page, the complete list of all the apps that integrate with Cloud Printer.

      Finally, here is the video which, despite being explained in English, clearly and practically shows how to use Cloud Print.

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