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    See hidden photos on Facebook of everyone, even non-friends

      See hidden photos on Facebook of everyone, even non-friends In the end, those who care about privacy on Facebook are not completely wrong.
      It is true that in theory and normally if you publish a photo so that it is not public, it remains visible only to friends and not to strangers or you can also make sure that the photo is visible only to some of them.
      I talked about how hide and protect photos on Facebook just a short time ago, but all of the above may seem to be in vain when someone finds a flaw in Facebook's security settings that makes all visible, even hidden photos and even photos of non-friends, i.e. of any registered person.

      This is the case with the extension Picturemate, now available for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to see anyone's hidden photos on Facebook, even if they're not our friends.
      Very often when an extension or a program to install of this type appears there is a suspicion of a scam or a possible hidden virus while, in this case, the description of Picturemate is technically true, even if a little misleading.
      What's sure is that no browser app or extension is capable of changing someone's photo privacy settings on Facebook.

      What Picturemate really does is applying a simple trick that is simpler than you might think: it does nothing but group all the photos of a person together on a single page that they could have seen the same, scattered on other pages, shared by other people and even if they had been hidden from the diary.
      In practice, with this extension it is possible to spy on all the photos in which a person is tagged, visible because they are shared publicly or because a friend of ours appears in the photo, of whom we have permission to see the photos.
      Even better, the photos shared so that they are visible to friends of friends become almost public for this extension because it will be enough to have only one friend in common with the person whose photos you want to spy on to have free access.
      Also you can search for photos posted by other people, in which we are tagged.
      In practice, the extension allows you to look at each photo hidden from the diary, but not adequately protected with the privacy settings.
      Picturemate then takes advantage of this loophole extremely effectively and puts all the photos in which that person has been tagged on one page, where the privacy settings have not been set to hide them from outsiders.
      The final feeling is to discover all the photos of that person.

      Picturemate can currently be installed from the Chrome Web Store (it may well be that it will be removed soon even if it doesn't do anything wrong).
      At the moment it is an absolutely clean extension, which does not require special permissions (but always better check because its author could easily take advantage of the popularity and change something).
      To use it, just visit a person's profile and then press the Picturebook button at the top right.

      The trick can also be done without extension, by opening the page on the browser by changing the ID number with that of the profile whose photos you want to see.
      To find the ID number of a profile just go to the web page

      Another extension really terrific it is Secret Revealer, available for Firefox and Opera allows us to see pictures of all, both those tagged and, thanks to another hidden search, the ones on which it was done I like.
      Press the extension icon key to do all the searches you want for a person, choose whether to open the page with the photos in which this is present, those who he liked and the photos added and uploaded by himself.

      It is worth pointing out that Facebook, in its defense, always reminds users who hide photos from the diary, that it still remains visible in the news section, in the search and in other pages.
      While privacy can still be changed for our photos, the only way to hide the photos of other people in which we appear is to remove our name tagged in that photo.

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