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Finally Skype has been made available online, on a website, in order to chat or even make phone and video calls without the need to install a program.
Personally I think this novelty is absolutely welcome, both because keeping Skype active all the time has always bothered me as a program has never been very light, and because now it will be possible to use Skype even from Chromebook PCs on which software cannot be installed. for Windows.
With Skype Online you can then get in touch with friends and work colleagues directly from the web browser of any computer, from Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

The new version of Skype online, reachable at the address of website, allows you to log into your account and instantly chat with your online contacts.
You don't need to install any additional plugins to make voice and video calls (group video calls are available on Firefox, Chrome and Edge).
By clicking on your face at the top left, you can configure online availability to make yourself invisible and disable alerts and notifications from those looking for us. You can also access your account settings, change your profile picture and make video calls.
Starting chatting with someone is easy and immediate, just search for the name of one or more people, press the V at the top right to start a private or group conversation.

Skype chat and video calls work even without having an account, if you join a conversation to which you are invited via a unique link. The link can be created from the Skype for PC program, by creating a new conversation and then pressing the Share button at the bottom.
The recipient of the link can then enter the conversation using a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, without installing Skype and without having to log in to Skype.

On Chrome you can install the Skype extension from the Chrome Web Store to create a quick access to Skype Online or you can turn Skype online into a web app by pressing the button with the three lines at the top right, going to other tools and then on "create application shortcut ".
A desktop icon will then be created for Skype web quick launch. The Skype tab window can be undocked from the browser if you want to keep it aside, smaller, as if it were the program window.

I remember that it has also been possible for some time sign in to Skype from, by pressing the Skype key on the top right. Then press on "new conversation" to choose the person to chat with who you can now also call or video-call. When you open a chat with a Skype contact, you will notice the two buttons for the voice call and the video chat button. Just press those keys to call them.

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