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    Use Zoom or Meet from TV (with or without Chromecast)

    Use Zoom or Meet from TV (with or without Chromecast)

    Everyone now uses Zoom (or Google Meet or other videoconferencing platforms), to work remotely, to follow the lessons of Digital Education or DAD, to follow the dance or gym instructor when forced at home or for many others reasons for meeting when it is impossible to do it live.

    While we have seen in rather detailed guides how to use these platforms, one way of using Zoom that is underestimated and that remains a bit complicated is to be able to participate in video conferences using the large screen of a TV. The goal, therefore, is use Zoom or other apps such as Google Meet by watching the video call from the TV and not from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

    While with Google Meet it is quite simple to transmit the videoconference on TV, to do it with Zoom, you have to use some tricks because it is a feature not natively provided and we have several ways to remedy the lack of microphone and camera on the TV.

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    Cast Zoom or Meet on TV on Chromecast

    If we have one Chromecast to cast video to TV from PC or mobile, you can project the video conference screen on your TV easily and effectively.

    With any video conferencing application that relies on a website, which can be exploited yes Google Chrome is a PC without installing programs (so come Google Meet), you can use the button for cast screen to Chromecast which is found by pressing the button with three dots at the top right of Chrome. If we have a Chromecast, we can cast any tab of the Chrome browser to TV, so there will be no impediment to casting from Google Meet or other web apps. Thanks to the Chromecast functions, the conference audio will also be streamed to the TV, so not from the PC. However, the microphone and webcam must be connected to the computer.

    To cast to Chromecast with Zoom from PC in the same way, you have to make sure to open Zoom via the web interface. Open Zoom via website on PC, however, it is not exactly immediate. the trick is to open a video meeting link from the web browser and cancel the warning asking you to open or install the Zoom program. After canceling once, click Start Meeting and cancel again. On the page you will notice the appearance of the line: Problems with the Zoom client? Enter from the browser. Press on Enter from the browser to enter a video conference on a Chrome tab which can then be transmitted to the Chromecast. The only flaw is that in this mode Zoom is very limited, many of the best features will be missing such as the ability to see the grid of the participants.

    Meet o Zoom su Chromecast da Smartphone o tablet

    If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, or even an iPhone or an iPad, you can open the videoconference via the Zoom app (or Meet or others) as normal and then use the function to cast the device screen to Chromecast. To use this functionality without errors, you must install, configure and open theapp Google Home (for Android or for iPhone and iPad). From the Google Home app, tap on your Chromecast name and then use the key Transmit the screen to project your phone or tablet screen onto the TV. Everything you see on your phone will also be visible on TV, so by opening Zoom or Meet you will be able to see the video conference on the big screen.

    Microphone and camera they will always be those of the phone, so it will be better to place the smartphone or tablet used in front of us, perhaps leaning against the TV.

    The audio conference call is not broadcast from the TV, but from your phone or tablet. If you want to listen well, then, it will be better to use headphones or connect the device to external speakers.

    Other ways to connect Zoom or Meet to your TV

    There is no shortage of other ways to use Zoom from TV, even if a little less refined. For example, you can simply connect your computer to the TV via HDMI cable. Without using cables, you can also use your TV as your PC's wireless secondary screen, which works with most Smart TVs and the Fire TV Stick, and then project Windows 10 to TV with Miracast.

    In a similar way, as seen in another article, you can connect the mobile phone to the TV (Android, iPhone or iPad).

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