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    Windows 10, check the date of retirement on Microsoft

    Windows 10, check the date of retirement on Microsoft

    When will it go in board Windows 10? If for many it is still very early to think about the final date of farewell to the operating system used today by many users, Microsoft comes out into the open by setting the "day x" of the divestiture on the calendar. Another sign of Windows 11 approaching?

    The web magazine was the first to break the news Thurrott, who reported the company's decision published on the official website. The information on the disposal page also indicates the date of entry of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro into Microsoft's support: 29 July of the 2015. For the two versions just mentioned, as well as for the Pro Education and Pro for Workstation variants, the overall presence in the category stands at a total of 10 years, like what happened with past editions of the operating system. Do not worry for those who will continue to exploit the software: Redmond has assured at least one annual update in the dedicated channel until the final stop.

    Windows 10 when retirement?

    For Windows 10, the date was set at October 14 2025, that is, in over four years. Although all the products sooner or later end up on the end-of-life list, the one relating to the 10th edition of Microsoft's OS comes in part like a bolt from the blue. The most recent update of the document, which took place last March, did not, in fact, report any reference on the matter.

    Only in the last three days did we start to get information on the fate of the software, almost coinciding with the appearance on the net of teaser related to the next event 24nd June. The focal point, according to the clues released by the giant itself, would be the launch of the new version of the OS: Windows 11.

    Goodbye Windows 10, welcome Windows 11?

    For Microsoft it is certainly a phase of great changes, officially inaugurated by the announcement of the CEO Satya Nadella during the Build 2021. With the introduction of "one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade", Nadella has opened the door to a series of doubts and assumptions about the future of Windows in the way we have come to know it over time.

    It hasn't been long since the CEO announcement, albeit a little revealing, to the video with the Windows startup sound mix, precisely 11 minutes long. Another sign, to be added to the list, is the invitation to a virtual meeting with a strong reference to the "magic number": that is always "11". That something is boiling in the pot is evident. And then there is the report accidentally released by the company, in which it is mentioned "Windows Sun Valley"that is, the name - official or in code, it is not clear - of the new edition of the operating system ready for debut.

    For sure, we can expect an update that points to a complete revolution in terms of the user interface, such as to put the obsolete design we have learned about on Windows 10 and earlier on the back burner. But, for now, it's early: we'll have to wait a few more days to find out more.

    Windows 10, check the date of retirement on Microsoft

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