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    Android 10: how to activate the dark theme

    Among all the new features that Android 10 benefits from, there is one that should appeal to those who think that Google's operating system is far too “clear”. The dark theme (dark theme) makes its appearance. Here's how to access it.

    Android 10 offers a nice amount of new features, starting with simplified sharing, Smart Reply or better security. But Android 10 also benefits from a major novelty: the dark theme. If Windows 10 users are familiar with what Microsoft calls "dark mode", this same mode, but called dark theme by Google, is a great first for Android.

    As its name suggests, it allows you to darken windows and icons, while maintaining a good dose of brightness. Rest assured: if you activate it, the system and its applications remain perfectly visible. You can anyway activate or deactivate it at your leisure. To access this famous dark theme, two options are available to you. The first method is perhaps the simplest, but the second will allow you to access it more quickly, and to activate or deactivate it at your leisure. Here's how:

    Method #1 to enable Android 10 dark mode:

    Go to the Android 10 Settings icon. Then click on the Display icon. Scroll down the screen that appears: there you will find the Dark theme option, which you just need to activate to benefit from it. It's quite simple as a method, but there is also faster.

    Method 2 to access Android 10 dark mode even faster:

    You can also access the dark theme from the quick settings bar. Go all the way to the screen and scroll down the screen. You should see a small brush appear, located at the bottom left of the screen. A new screen appears. Go to the very bottom of it, where you will find the Dark Theme icon. You can then drag and drop it higher, so that you can access it more quickly.

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