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    Android: secret codes to open hidden menus

    All Android devices have hidden menus. Far from hiding unmentionable secrets, these allow you to explore functions generally reserved for manufacturers, or even operators who wish to modify a specific parameter (such as the frequency used, etc.) via specific secret codes.

    Android: secret codes to open hidden menus

    For a simple user, the interest is often minor but the hackers that we are love so much discover the insides smartphones. It is with this in mind that we offer you a guide to the main secret codes for Android devices.


    List of the main secret codes in Android

    Before “having fun” with all these little marvels, a few small clarifications. Be aware that some of these commands may change behavior of the smartphone while others can simply erase all data from the device (random Full Reset and similar function). Note also that these codes are functional on Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and other brands.

    On the other hand, the codes sometimes depends on smartphones used, or even versions of the operating system installed. We have tried to compile so-called “universal” codes but not all of them will work on all devices. Do not hesitate to send us your comments in the comments. Last advice, save your personal data, just to avoid any disappointments.

    To use it, nothing could be simpler, just open the phone calls application and type the codes like dialing a phone number. Execution should take place immediately. If nothing happens, it's not working on this device.

    Codes + Descriptions
    Code Description
    * # * # * # * # 4636 To view various phone, battery and Wi-Fi information
    * # # 34971539 Gives information about the camera of the device
    * # # 2663 Gives device touchscreen information
    *#1234# or *#44336# Find out the firmware version (which is displayed in “Settings” -> “About phone” -> “Build number”)
    * # # 06 Gives the IMEI number, it is the identifier of the phone, like the IP address of a computer
    * # # 232337 Knowing the MAC address of your device is the physical identifier stored in the component that manages the SAMSUNG network part
    * # # 232338 Find out the WLAN MAC address of your device
    * # * # * # * # 8255 Displays the GTalk service
    * # # 7465625 Check the network lock (SIMLOCK) of the phone

    Codes to test the screen, and the vital functions of the smartphone

    The following secret codes are used to perform component testing smartphone or tablet. These are mainly diagnostic tools, intended to identify the origin of any faults. These commands can be useful for an after-sales service or a manufacturer's repair service.

    Hardware test code
    Code Description
    * # 0 * # Tests the device's screen and speakers
    * # * # 2664 # * # * Performs a touchscreen test
    * # # 0283 Loops between microphone and speakers
    * # # 0588 Tests the device's proximity sensor
    * # # 0228 Displays battery statistics (also found with the code * # * # * # * # 4636 seen above)
    * # # 0289 Play a test melody
    * # # 0782 Indicates the date and time set on the device
    * # # 0842 Perform a phone vibrate test
    * # # 0673 Tests the sound part (MP3) of the device
    * # # 0011 Displays basic GSM phone information
    4777 8665 * # * # Tests GPRS and device configuration menus

    The following codes concern this time some very specific parameters of the Android smartphone or tablet, handle with care :

    Codes for parameters
    Code Description
    * # # 782872 Switches to Qualcomm USB mode
    * # # 726872 Switches to standard USB mode
    * # # 197328640 Code for Root debug mode
    * # # 2470 Enable or disable the beep when taking photos with the native app
    * # # 78 Displays the Samsung device administration settings menu.

    This last batch is probably the more sensitive of this file, but as you followed all our recommendations at the beginning of the file, you no longer risk anything serious. Neither I nor Phonandroid will be held responsible for any issues arising from the use of these codes.

    Codes for the system
    Code Description
    * # # 9900 Recover system logs (RAM, kernel, modem) in files.
    * # 273283 * 255 * 663282 * # Copies all multimedia data (photos, sounds, videos) from the SD card to the device's internal memory
    * 2767 * 3855 # Performs a “full reset” of the device (erases all data)
    * 2767 * 2878 # Performs a “custom reset” of the device, which resets all phone settings but does not erase saved data
    ** 04 * CPA * NP * NP # Allows you to change the PIN code of your phone or tablet


    Some codes work on some devices and not on others and vice versa. Indeed, depending on the manufacturers and the ROMS installed, some are active or not. Do you use some of these codes with a smartphone or do you prefer to go through the more intuitive menus?

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