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    Android: The best weather widgets

    Widgets are a bit gimmicky, but they're really practical. And then it's still what distinguishes our Android smartphones from the heady competition. There are all kinds and for all tastes, providing all functions.

    We have already seen the best Android widgets. Today, let's focus on weather widgets for a moment. Like almost all applications on Android, there are dozens, if not hundreds, but what distinguishes them from each other?

    Well in the first place, often not much. What we want above all with a weather widget is information accessible at first glance, without having to launch an application, and that's the principle of a widget, isn't it? Except there are little extras here and there that make some of them stand out. So here is our top 5 weather widgets !


    Go Weather EX :

    750 users: 000/4,5

    Go Weather Forecast & Widgets is already a name. It is indeed thedevelopment team behind the famous Go Launcher EX who spawned this widget for us, and that's almost a sufficient argument. It should still be noted that the application does not require the installation of the famous launcher.

    In the spirit of other Go apps, this weather widget lets you customize themes, widget sizes, and information. The free version offers 4 pretty nice widgets with animations, but you can download even more and customize them as much as you want.


    The Weather Channel:

    83 users: 000/4,3

    A classic app, Spanish authority and trusted. The information pushed by the application is provided by the very serious Meteo Consult. In the same way, you can access video content corresponding to the service's broadcasts, with weather news, interviews and of course the analysis of the maps by experts in the field.

    Advertising is quite present, on the other hand, but we will say that it is the price of free.



    EZ M茅t茅o HD widget:

    45000 users: 4,4/5

    As indicated by his name, this one is a widget specialist. There are in all directions and all styles, opaque, garish, transparent and synthetic. And if you are interested in a detail, just click on the area of 鈥嬧媡he widget concerned to find out more.

    In addition, the application manages the automatic location and offers you forecasts within 7 days. Another advantage, it works almost everywhere on the globe.


    Yahoo Weather:

    580 users: 000/4,4

    So here we are not really in the simple, but rather in the complete. The heavyweight of the internet offers weather information here up to 10 days ahead, with all you could want from information, notifications, interactive maps and vigilance alerts.

    The display on wallpaper is of the best taste, with images taken from the project born on Flicker, Project Weather. The data provided on the application is reliable and it is rather logical, since we are still talking about Yahoo. At last, the application offers quick information in the notification bar, which the competition does not always do.


    1weather :

    222 users: 000/4,6

    It is for its aesthetics that 1weather is recognized quite unanimously. The application offers a good meeting ofreliable information and fairly impeccable visuals. Many widgets of different shapes, sizes and displaying different information are available to you at a glance. And if that's not enough for you, the application will give you even more, accompanied by beautiful animations.

    The application also knows how to be discreet with a 1脳1 widget that still finds a way to show us everything we want without giving us the impression of overloading.


    Obviously, there are many other applications of the genre, such as M茅t茅o Ciel for example, of all levels and styles, and not necessarily less good than these. But with this selection, you'll be sure not to go wrong, which is a comforting thought given the asphyxiating amount of apps available on the Play Store.

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