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    Email links on Chrome, Edge and Firefox on PC

      Email links on Chrome, Edge and Firefox on PC Despite the evolution of online communication systems, email still remains an indispensable and convenient means of sharing information with friends or relatives, in a private way. If you do not want to publicly share the link of an interesting web page, an article from this blog or a particular website on Facebook or Twitter, to send it from your PC to a friend and only him, the fastest and most efficient way it's still the Mail.
      To do this quickly, it is therefore advisable to install a particular extension that brings up a button on the browser to send any web link via email with one click, without having to do too many rounds of copy and paste.

      Google provides, for this purpose, aown extension for Google Chrome that only works with Gmail.
      Is called Send from Gmail and opens a box to immediately send the address of the site you are looking at in the body of the e-mail message. You can then write the subject, indicate the recipient from the address book and send the link immediately, as you would from a mobile phone.

      If you don't use Gmail, again for Google Chrome, you can use the extension Share link via email which also supports Yahoo Mail and mail services.
      In this case, just right click on the blank space of a page or on a link to see the Share Link option and choose how to send the address in an E-Mail.

      If you wanted a button to send a link from Chrome via emailBy using a program installed on your PC such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail or the Windows 10 Mail app, you can add a new item to the favorites bar.
      Right-click on the favorites bar, click on Add Page, give it a name like "send email" and paste the following code in the URL field:
      After saving, try the button and choose the program to use to send the address of the site you are looking at via email.

      In Microsoft Edge sharing links via email is facilitated thanks to the Sharing button, located in the main menu, by clicking the three dots at the top right. Sharing allows you to send a web page on the Mail app to send emails.

      Su Firefox there is a predefined button to share web pages via Email and it is found by pressing the button with three horizontal dots, in the address bar, next to the star to add to favorites.
      Alternatively you can install the extension Share Backported which enables sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram or Outlook, to send the link to the page you are looking at.

      This is the best way to share links with mail services other than Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and to use programs like Outlook or the Windows 10 Mail app.

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