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    Extensions to use Instagram on Chrome and Firefox

    Extensions to use Instagram on Chrome and Firefox Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks for users, thanks to the ability to share photos, direct and short videos with hashtags and be reached by hundreds or thousands of people interested in our photographs or our businesses. Correctly managing Instagram from your smartphone is relatively simple once you have learned all the features of the app, but managing Instagram from your PC could be more difficult than you think.
    In this guide we will show you the best extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to use to manage Instagram directly from the browser, without having to pick up your smartphone or tablet each time to check the latest news. In the introduction we will also explain how to correctly subscribe to the service if we are not yet using Instagram.

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    How to subscribe to Instagram
    To subscribe to Instagram we will have to download the app of the same name on our mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
    The links to download the Instagram app can be reached here -> Instagram (per Android) e Instagram (per iPhone e iPad).
    Once the app has been downloaded, open it on the device to register for the service. If we have the Facebook app with our account already present on the device, we can use this account to immediately access Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram). Alternatively, we can always use any email and password to create a new Instagram account, by clicking on the button within the app Sign up by phone or email.
    Extensions to use Instagram on Chrome and Firefox

    We enter all the information required to create our new profile on Instagram. If we already have the credentials ready, open the app and tap the item at the bottom Log in to open the window where you can enter the credentials. Once registered or logged in, we will finally see the Instagram home appear, where we can share photos, videos, direct and check the photos shared by friends (if you have used Facebook you will also see the friends of this social network who use Instagram) and follow the profiles of famous people or big brands on the photographic social network.
    Extensions to use Instagram on Chrome and Firefox

    The best Instagram extensions for Google Chrome

    After seeing how to subscribe on Instagram, let's see together what extensions we can use to manage Instagram from the Google Chrome web browser (one of the most used in the world).

    - Desktop for Instagram: by installing this extension we will have Instagram perfectly integrated in the browser! We will be able to get notifications from the social network, post photos from our computer or take new photos with the webcam, see the photos shared by others and download them to the internal memory of the PC. Definitely one of the best extensions if we intend to check Instagram while we are on the PC.

    - FastSave via Instagram: this extension allows you to quickly and easily download all the personal photos on the Instagram profile and also download the photos, stories, videos of other users or companies or brands on the photographic social network. Also excellent for downloading live videos or flash videos uploaded by other users.

    - Downalbum is the extension that adds the Download button to the site, to download photos and videos freely and quickly.

    - Grow Bot: this extension is nothing more than a bot, that is a small automated program capable of doing some operations on our behalf. By installing this bot we will be able to auto-like users we consider interesting, give a follow to all users who like our photos or videos and manage our entire profile in an advanced way, automating most of the processes. In this way we will be able to speed up the increase in followers and the growth of our social profile.

    - Instagram Web with Direct: this extension allows you to access, in a simple and fast way, the photos present on the PC within the Instagram profile, so as to avoid having to move them every time between PC and smartphone for sharing. In addition to sharing, it allows you to follow the profiles of friends and to carry out all the typical operations of those who use the mobile app (like, follow etc.).

    The best Instagram extensions for Mozilla Firefox

    After seeing the extensions for Google Chrome I will show you those available for Mozilla Firefox, still one of the best browsers around.

    - Instagram: this extension allows you to open the Web version of the service directly within the extension, with the possibility of uploading photos.

    - Instagram Video Download: using this extension it will be possible to save the videos present on Instagram directly on the PC hard disk, so that they can also be reviewed offline.

    - Image Download for Instagram: do we want to retrieve the photo from a profile that we have eyed? Using this extension we will be able to download any photo shared on Instagram quickly and easily.

    - Download IG Video/Photo: another very useful extension to download videos and photos from Instagram in just one click.

    - Instagram Photo Plus: this extension will allow you to see the photos at the maximum resolution, so as to download them to your PC at the original quality without compression or reduction in resolution.

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