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    Go back to the old classic Facebook site on Chrome

      Go back to the old classic Facebook site on Chrome Facebook has changed in the last year, with a graphic design made to fill the screen more, whatever its size, with larger buttons, posts in the central part and the possibility of also activating a dark theme. Although it is a redesign that brings modernity and freshness, not everyone is happy with this change and it is full of people complaining about it and who would like to keep the old graphics of the classic version of the Facebook site.

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      For the moment, it is still possible to return to the classic version of Facebook using the item still present in the menu that buy by pressing the arrow key located at the top right of the screen. As we can see, that button will be removed in September, so, in a few days, it will no longer be possible to return to the classic version.
      But there is still a possibility, thanks to an extension for Google Chrome that allows bring back the classic version of the Facebook site and then cancel all the new proposals, without sacrificing functionality and sharing options.

      The extension to go back to the old Facebook graphic style is Old Layout for Facebook, which works automatically and you just need to install it to be able to load the Facebook site as it was before the update. The extension is absolutely reliable and safe, created by the same author as the useful extension Social Fixer, which for almost 10 years now allows you to customize the graphics of the Facebook site on your computer with many options to hide what is considered useless. Given the author's reputation, there's no need to worry that Old Layout for Facebook might be a dangerous extension or that it will soon disappear from the Chrome Store. The extension does not act on the website code, but tricks Facebook into believing the browser to be an older version not supported by the new layout.
      After installing the extension, Facebook should automatically revert to its classic look the next time you reload the site and there is nothing to configure to revert to the old style.
      While everything works fine, you may see messages asking you to update your browser, to be ignored as the extension tricks Facebook into using an unsupported browser.
      There is no guarantee that this little trick will work forever, but for the moment it seems to be fine and can also be combined with Social Fixer to keep curating a stream of posts and news that don't show up topics we don't care about and sponsored content. .

      Another extension to restore the old classic Facebook theme is Old version (layout) for Facebook which offers numerous customization options. There are backgrounds and themes and then the option to go back to the previous layout.

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