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    Hand Spinner: 5 easy figures and tricks to start, in video

    Hand Spinners or Fidget Spinners invade Youtube with figures, tricks and freestyle at all costs. This object, originally designed as a means of focusing the attention of hyperactive people, now appeals to everyone to the point of becoming the trending object of the moment, including in Spain. If you have a Hand Spinner, here are some tricks and tricks you can easily train for.

    Hand Spinner: 5 easy figures and tricks to start, in video

    It surely did not escape you, the Hand Spinners are the sensation of the moment. Both on TV and on the internet we only talk about him. With quite WTF ideas like this Youtuber who doesn't hesitate to puncture iPhone 7s to make Hand Spinners out of them. If you've already received your Fidget, you probably haven't missed it.

    As relaxing as it can be, you can quickly get around it, at least if you twirl it between your fingers or put it on the table. However, it is possible to make a number of figures et tricks with this object. Something to occupy you for some time! We have gathered here 5 easy figures that you can perform throughout the day without even thinking about it.

    Hand Spinner: discover 5 easy figures and tricks to get started

    There are two types of people who will buy the Hand spinner : those who will leave it in a drawer within two weeks, and the others who will try to push the thing as far as possible. Let them rest assured, it is possible to do many tricks and tricks with your fidget.

    Learn to spin it with one hand

    The most natural gesture is to hold your Hand Spinner with one hand and spin it with the other hand. But it's a bit too easy, especially since it takes both hands and you can't do two things at the same time. But there is a trick:

    • Hold the Hand Spinner between your index finger and your thumb
    • Place your middle finger between two fins

    With a little practice you will be able to spin it very quickly with just your middle finger!

    Make it balance on anything, and balance anything

    The Fidget Spinner is like a spinning top: when it spins, the gyroscopic effect of its centripetal force keeps it balanced. And can conversely allow to balance an object on which it is fixed, for example a pen. The first method is just to appreciate its behavior when it spins fast enough on your finger, nose, or whatever.

    This will be useful for the following tricks. As the object has a gyroscopic effect you can also use it to transform anything that can fit into its central ball bearing into a spinning top. Moreover, by the way, yes, the pieces of plastic that protect the central axis can be removed and replaced very easily. Here is an example video:

    Pass it from one hand to the other: the hot potato

    For this trick start by throwing and then passing the Hand Spinner from one hand to the other without making it jump. When you can do this (it's quite easy if you put your fingers near the outside of the center circle), start passing it with a small hop. Then gradually increase the distance.

    Jump it from finger to finger

    Once you are comfortable jumping from one hand to the other, you can balance it on one finger and then jump on the other fingers of the same hand and/or the other hand.

    Do a hand twist

    Combination of the previous tricks, you can do a hand twist: it's about using the gyroscopic effect of the Hand Spinner to keep it in balance while contorting your hand and your body. Demonstration:

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