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Registration on the Student Portal

The first thing you need to do is, of course, receive the IoStudio Postepay card. Usually, the card is received in a letter envelope between the first and second year of high school, directly in the classroom. If not, please contact the office of Secretary's office of your institution to report non-receipt. When you have returned home and you have free access to a PC connected to the Internet, open the envelope and carefully peel off the paper that is affixed to your personal letter.

You are ready to proceed: connect to the “IoStudio” Student Portal and click on the button First Access that you find at the top right. To continue with the first access procedure you will need to have the card at hand and enter some mandatory data, which are: Tax Code, Your name, Last name, Email, Card number e Partial password. These are personal and / or personal data, with the exception of Card number, which you can find at the bottom of the card, immediately to the right of the wording Card n, And the Partial password, which you will also find at the bottom of the card, immediately to the right of the wording Password.

Once you have completed the insertion of these data and checked that everything is correct, click on the button Send to continue. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you just provided: then log into your mailbox and click within 6 hours on the link you just received to confirm the activation of your account. In the same email you will also find a username it's a temporary password that you will need to use to access the platform as soon as you click on the link. Once logged in, you will be prompted to change your password to one of your choice. You will also need to provide an answer to one Security Question, thanks to which, in the future, you will be able to recover your account should you forget your password.

Activate Card IoStudio

At this point, you have activated the account on the platform I study associated with the card you received. Now you have to proceed with the activation of the services American Express, so that you can use your card I study like a real prepaid card. To do this, access the page dedicated to the activation of the prepaid card and follow the instructions, entering the activation code printed on the letter on which the paper was affixed, exactly on the area of ​​the sheet from which you peeled it off.

Unfortunately, the activation procedure was temporarily suspended following the recent approval of the European provisions on combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Card I study, given its simple activation procedure, it can in fact be equated to an anonymous prepaid card. It is therefore necessary to wait for Poste cittàne to adapt by providing for an identification procedure of the owner.

For all those who have activated their card previously, there is no problem: the American Express it will remain active and fully usable. In addition, also all functions that do not concern the circuit American Express, for example discounts, concessions and awards, remain active and fully usable.

Use Card IoStudio

Now that's yours Student card is active, the time has come to find out which ones are exclusive advantages and discounts involves owning one.

First of all, know that you are entitled to concessions and discounts that have to do with the world of culture, both in the city and abroad. The categories that present the most offers in this sense are: cinemas and theaters; telephony and the Internet; travel by train, ship and plane; hotels and hostels; museums and monuments; sport; water parks and amusement parks; books, magazines and stationery; study holidays and language courses; software and hardware.

To find out all the shops in your area that participate in the initiative and offer advantages, you can consult the Map of Offers. You can navigate the map using automatic location, typing your location or moving manually; or you can move to the bottom of the page to consult the national conventions. To subscribe to the offers, all you have to do is show your card directly at the participating physical store, use the online store or download coupons.

As I told you before, if you have already activated the card IoStudio Postepay or if you do it as soon as the activation procedure is available with the new methods, you can use the latter as if it were a real prepaid card. Specifically, it is a rechargeable prepaid card that can make purchases and withdraw cash up to a total of 2.500 euros and 1.000 euros respectively per year. The card can be recharged at post offices, by cash, by another card Postepay, Postamat o BancoPosta, at the counters ATM Postamat, via another card Postepay, Postamat o bancoposta, from the site Postepay, via another card I study o Postepay or through an account BancoPosta or even at the betting shops SISAL they were skilled smokers.

You can use your card to pay, at all shops and websites around the world that accept circuit cards VISA e VISA Electron and in all post offices, to withdraw cash, at ATMs Postamat, post offices and ATMs VISA e VISA Electron around the world and to check the movements, on the site Postepay and at post offices and ATMs Postamat.

Also, when you take advantage of the program discounts BancoPosta, the amounts will be credited directly to this card. You can still, eventually, decide to also associate a SIM Poste Mobile to this card.

As soon as you are of age, you can request for free the expansion of the card functions, for example the removal of the annual roofs that I indicated above: just remember to go to a post office and do not forget your tax code and a document of identification. identity.

How to activate IoStudio

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