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    How to activate the Telecom fixed answering machine

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    Costs of the secretariat on a fixed number of TIM

    Generally, TIM does not include its telephone answering service, called Memotel, for fixed network subscriptions. The voicemail box must be activated "manually", acting independently from the Web or by contacting an operator, and has a variable cost based on the mode of use chosen.

    The mode by subscription, designed for those who receive many messages, has a cost of 2,20 € / month and gives free access to voicemail; the mode for use, designed for those who receive messages with reduced frequency, instead involves a cost of 0,1016€ for each consultation of the voicemail and does not include a monthly subscription fee.

    In detail, Memotel is able to record the number (if not reserved), the date and l 'Now of messages and calls received, and to archive up to a maximum of 15 messages of the duration of 90 seconds. Each message can be stored for 15 days.

    How to activate the Telecom fixed answering machine

    Having analyzed the costs and characteristics of the answering machine made available by TIM, the time has come to explain how to proceed with the activation of the service on a fixed line: you can carry out this operation via the Web or by telephone, with a "human" operator ".

    From the Web

    activate the fixed Telecom answering machine from the Internet in subscription mode, first of all connected to this website, click on the button Attiva which is at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the necessary information: the prefix and telephone number on which to activate the service, together with the fiscal Code of the user.

    Next, click on your button Proceed to the next step and, if necessary, re-enter the fiscal Code and press the same button mentioned earlier. Now, fill out the form that is proposed to you with your personal data: name, last name, email address e phone number.

    Once this phase is also completed, click on the button Proceed to the next step and, if you deem it appropriate, take a look at the General Terms and Conditions by downloading and reading the modules that are proposed to you.

    Finally, put the check mark next to the item Accept and click on the button Buy Now to place the order and activate the Memotel answering machine on your subscription. The monthly amount will be charged to the payment method you use: postal order or current account / credit card. It was very easy, wasn't it?

    By telephone

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to act phone or request the activation of the "for use" answering machine service, you must contact the Fixed TIM Customer Service, making a call to the number 187, active every day from 07: 00 at the 22.30 for information of a technical, commercial and administrative nature that requires contact with a human operator. The call is free and can be made from either a landline or a mobile line.

    To be able to reach a "human" operator from the landline phone, dial the number I reported to you a little while ago, start the call and listen to the welcome message from the guide voice. Then, press the key 3 to request a contact with a TIM operator for the activation of new offers and, when the latter responds, express your will to activate the Memotel answering machine on the fixed number.

    If, on the other hand, you intend to call from a mobile phone, wait for the automatic voice to finish the welcome message, press the key 1 and, when prompted, type the TIM landline number for which you want to request the activation of the answering machine, followed by the key #. After a few seconds, you should be able to access the dedicated user area, which works in an absolutely similar way to what we saw earlier.

    Always keep in mind that the combination of keys to press to reach TIM's commercial assistance may be subject to variations, also due to any appointments or interventions booked by you; for this reason, in order to avoid wasting time and making unnecessary mistakes, I advise you to listen carefully to the instructions of the guide voice, in any case. For more information on how to talk to a TIM operator, I refer you to reading the tutorial I dedicated to the topic.

    How to use TIM's secretariat

    Once you have requested the activation of TIM's Memotel service, with simultaneous enabling of the relative voicemail, you can activate the answering machine by giving codes from the landline phone, exactly as if you wanted to make a phone call. So, to proceed, pick up the phone and enter the specific code to use, according to your needs.

    Activation on RTG line (i.e. with telephone connected directly to the wall, with or without ADSL filter).

    • On busy number or no answer: * 63 #
    • For all incoming calls: * 63 * 1 #

    Activation on VoIP line (i.e. with telephone connected to the modem)

    • On no response: * 63 * 1 #
    • On busy number: * 63 * 2 #
    • On a switched off or unreachable modem (e.g. in the event of a power failure): * 63 * 3 #
    • All calls, regardless of the case: * 63 #

     consult the status of the answering machine, give the code instead * # # 63. In case of second thoughts, you can disable the answering machine using the following codes.

    Deactivation on RTG line

    • On busy number, no answer and free line: # 63 #

    Deactivation on VoIP line

    • On no response: # 63 * 1 #
    • On busy number: # 63 * 2 #
    • On a switched off or unreachable modem (e.g. in the event of a power failure): # 63 * 3 #
    • All calls, regardless of the case: * 63 #

    Keep in mind that deactivating the answering machine does not involve the cancellation of the Memotel subscription service; if you have activated the latter, in fact, you will continue to pay the monthly amount until you request the deactivation of the service, by calling the 187.

     read the messages received on the answering machine, you can proceed in two different ways, depending on the line from which you intend to consult the messages.

    • Fixed line to which the answering machine is linked: enter the code * # # 64.
    • Another phone number, landline or mobile: dial the your landline number, wait for the answering machine to start, press the key and enter the PIN access to the secretariat. Before you can do this, you must have customized the access code from the home line: enter the code * # # 64 from landline and follow the instructions of the voice guide for changing the PIN.

    Consultation of the secretariat from the associated number has different costs depending on the active service: for the Memotel subscription charged on a monthly basis, the call is free, while for the Consumption costs € 0,1016. Consultation of the secretariat from any other telephone number, on the other hand, has the cost of a call, which varies according to the active tariff plan. More info here.

    How to activate the Telecom fixed answering machine

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    Deactivate answering machine Type in your mobile (as if you were going to call) the code ##002# and press the call key.
    Your mailbox will be deactivated.

    Dial your number and let it ring until the answering machine picks up.
    When this happens, you will have to interrupt the call by pressing the asterisk key * You will then be prompted for your security code, and you will be able to receive new and saved messages.

    ninety-nine euros

    Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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