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Activate Vodafone Exclusive via the Do it yourself area

If you prefer to activate Vodafone Exclusive through the Do-it-yourself area of ​​the Vodafone website, that is the area of ​​the website of the famous operator through which customers can manage everything concerning their SIM directly online, the first thing you need to do is click here to connect to the main page of

Once the web page is displayed, presses the green button Log in located at the top right and enter the login data relating to your Vodafone account by completing the fields Inserisci username e Enter password. Then press the button Log in. If you do not have access data to the DIY area of ​​the Vodafone site because you have not yet registered, you can easily fix it by pressing the black button Subscribe instead of on the button Log in, filling in the fields displayed with the requested data and following the simple wizard that is shown on the screen.

Then wait for your personal area on to be shown, then press on the voice Promotions you can activate annexed to the section Your SIM. In the new page that will open, click on the tab Lifestyle located at the top right, locate the item Vodafone Exclusive and by clicking on the button Attiva placed sideways. Press the button again Attiva to confirm your willingness to activate Vodafone Exclusive.

After carrying out these steps, wait for Vodafone to receive an SMS on your mobile phone that will confirm the fact that the service has actually been activated on your SIM. Then you can start enjoying all the benefits offered by Vodafone Exclusive.

Activate Vodafone Exclusive via the My Vodafone app

Another way to activate Vodafone Exclusive is to use the My Vodafone app, the official application of the telephone company through which it is possible to keep under control all the details regarding your number, add additional services or, for the precisely, deactivate them.

To activate Vodafone Exclusive via the My Vodafone app, the first operation you need to perform is to download the application on your device. If you have already downloaded the app on your smartphone or tablet you can go directly to reading the next paragraph, otherwise proceed as follows. To download the My Vodafone app, press the app store icon available for the mobile platform in use on your smartphone or tablet, type my vodafone in the displayed search field and presses Submit on the keyboard visible on the screen. Subsequently, select the app with the icon depicting the operator logo from the list that is shown to you and then tap the button to download and install it on your device. The My Vodafone application is available for iOS, For Android and for Windows Phone.

Then start the My Vodafone app on your device by pressing on its icon and then tap on the button depicting three horizontal lines located at the top right and choose the item Activate new offers attached to the menu that is shown to you. Then locate the box with it written on it Secure Network, Secretariat and Internet Blocking and press on it.

Now scroll through the new screen that is shown to you until you find the item Vodafone Exclusive then tap the green button Choose placed next to it, check the box next to the item I accept the terms and conditions of the service and then presses the button Activate the offer.

Once these steps have been carried out, wait for Vodafone to receive an SMS on your mobile phone which will confirm the fact that the service has actually been activated on your SIM. You can then start enjoying all the benefits offered by Vodafone Exclusive.

Keep in mind that in order to use the My Vodafone app and therefore to be able to activate Vodafone Exclusive following the procedure I have just indicated you must have an active internet connection (data or Wi-Fi) on your mobile phone, you must be registered to the Do it yourself area of ​​ and you must be logged in to your account using the application.

Activate Vodafone Exclusive using 42070

A further solution to activate Vodafone Exclusive consists in calling the free number 42070 of Vodafone which allows you to obtain information on active services, to proceed with the possible deactivation of the same and which allows you to know and activate new offers.

To activate Vodafone Exclusive by calling the Vodafone info and activation service, simply grab the smartphone in which the SIM you intend to act on is inserted, enter the number 42070 on the numeric keypad of the same and press the button to start a phone call. When the call has started, wait for the recorded voice to start speaking, then press the button first 3 and then the key 1 then follow the instructions given to you to complete the procedure. Keep in mind that sometimes the service offers the options in a slightly different order, so I suggest that you carefully follow the instructions of the recorded voice if you don't want to go wrong.

Activate Vodafone Exclusive through customer service

The solutions that I have already proposed to you to activate Vodafone Exclusive have not been to your liking or have you not yet succeeded in your intent? Well, then I suggest you try to activate Vodafone Exclusive by contacting an operator and asking him to proceed with the activation of the service on your number for you. To be able to activate Vodafone Exclusive with the help of an operator, you can follow the instructions in my guide on how to call Vodafone.

If instead of activating Vodafone Exclusive by talking on the phone with the operator's customer service you prefer to get in touch via chat with an operator, you can instead consult my guide on how to chat with Vodafone through which I have explained to you in detail how to do it.

Activate Vodafone Exclusive by SMS

As I told you, if instead you have received an SMS from Vodafone informing you that starting from a specific day on your number the Vodafone Exclusive option will be activated to be able to start serving you, you will not have to do anything but wait for the date indicated for activation.

You can then verify that the procedure to activate Vodafone Exclusive has actually been successful by connecting to the Do-it-yourself area of ​​the official Vodafone website, by clicking on the item Active promotions annexed to the section Your SIMpigging your pulse + placed next to the item Base rate and making sure that Vodafone Exclusive is also listed among the tariff options active on your number. Alternatively, you can check that the option is actually active on your number using the section Offers already active My Vodafone app or by contacting the manager's customer service as I explained to you in the previous lines.

How to activate Vodafone Exclusive

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