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    How to activate Vodafone Pass

    What is Vodafone Pass

    Before explaining to you how to activate Vodafone Pass, it seems only right to indicate to you, concretely, what this offer consists of. This is a new range of options for surfing the Internet using specific services without consuming the GB included in your offer. Based on the individual needs and preferences, it is possible to choose between three different types of Vodafone Pass, those that you find indicated and explained below.

    • Pass Music - At a cost of 3 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to listen to streaming music through the various supported services (including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal) without consuming the GB of the existing offer.
    • Pass Social & Chat - At the cost of 5 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to browse and chat on social networks (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) without consuming the GB of the pre-existing offer.
    • Pass Video - At a cost of 10 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to watch all videos online without consuming the GB included in the existing offer.
    • Pass Web Voice - At a cost of 10 euros / 4 weeks. allows you to call and video call via the web, taking advantage of the various services and apps supported (including Viber, WeChat and Skype), without consuming the GB included in the pre-existing offer.

    However, it is worth bearing in mind the fact that, although the activation of Vodafone Pass allows you to avoid that the GBs of your offer are consumed, to be able to take advantage of it it is essential that the ban on data traffic is not completely exhausted. If this is the case, navigation will be blocked and it will be possible to continue browsing online only according to consumption, paying 2 euros for every 200 Mega.

    For further details about Vodafone Pass, the supported platforms and services, you can refer to the specific information page attached to the operator's official website.

    Activate Vodafone Pass

    At this point you should have a clearer idea about Vodafone Pass. So I would say that you are finally ready to take the real action: find out how to activate the variant of the offer that suits you best.

    Based on your preferences as well as the means in your possession, you can choose to proceed in various ways: through the personal online area attached to the manager's website, through the official Vodafone app, by calling the dedicated number, for 'precisely, by activating this or that other promo or by contacting customer service. For more details, keep reading, you will find all the explanations you need right below.

    By means of the Do-it-yourself area

    Do you want to find out how to activate Vodafone Pass usingDo it yourself area of the Vodafone website, that is the area of ​​the website of the famous operator through which customers can manage everything related to their SIM directly online? Then the first thing you need to do is to connect to the main page of

    Then move the cursor to the button do-it-yourself which is at the top right, click on Log in in the menu that opens, enter the login data relating to your Vodafone account by completing the fields Inserisci username e Enter password and click sul pulsating Log in. If you are not yet registered on the site, you can fix it immediately by pressing the black button Subscribe instead of that sign in Log in, then filling in the fields displayed with the requested data and following the simple wizard that is shown on the screen.

    Once logged in, presses on the link Promotions you can activate che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Your SIM and in the new page that will open click on the tab Vodafone Pass located at the top right (if you can't see it, click on left directional arrow which you always find at the top right).

    At this point, identify the variant of Vodafone Pass that you are interested in activating (eg. Vodafone Pass Video), click on the relevant button Find out more, check the box next to the item I accept the General Conditions of Contact which is at the bottom right and then presses the purple button with written on it Attiva to confirm your willingness to activate Vodafone Pass on your number.

    After carrying out these steps, wait for Vodafone to receive an SMS on your mobile phone that will confirm the fact that the offer has actually been activated on your SIM. Then you can start enjoying all the benefits offered by Vodafone Pass.

    Through the My Vodafone app

    As anticipated a few lines above, another way to activate Vodafone Pass is to resort to the use ofapp My Vodafone, the official application of the “red” telephone company through which it is possible to keep under control all the details concerning one's number, add further services or deactivate them.

    To use the Vodafone home app for the purpose in question, the first move you need to make is to download My Vodafone on your device (if you haven't already done so, of course). To do this, tap on the app store icon available for the mobile platform in use on your smartphone or tablet, type my vodafone in the displayed search field and presses Submit on the keyboard visible on the screen. Next, select the app with the icon depicting the operator logo from the list that is shown to you and then tap the button to download and install it on your device. The application is available for iOS, for Android and for Windows Mobile.

    Then start the application on your device by pressing on its icon on the screen where all the installed apps are grouped and then press the button with the three horizontal lines top right, step on the wording Proposal in the menu that opened and choose the item Discover new offers from the additional menu that appears. Then locate the box with it written on it Vodafone Pass and press on it.

    In the new screen that you will see appear, locate the variant of Vodafone Pass that you are interested in activating (eg. Vodafone Pass Video) and tap on the relevant button Continue then press the button Activate the offer and it's done.

    Once you have performed the above steps, wait for Vodafone to receive an SMS on your mobile phone that will confirm the fact that the offer has actually been activated on your SIM. Then you can start enjoying all the benefits offered by Vodafone Pass.

    By 42070

    If you want, you can also activate Vodafone Pass by making a free call to the number 42070 of Vodafone through which it is possible to obtain information on offers and active services and proceed with the activation and deactivation of the same.

    You ask me what you need to do to proceed this way? I'll explain it to you right away. Grab the smartphone in which the SIM on which you would like to bid is inserted, enter the number 42070 in dialer (the numeric keypad) and press the button to initiate a phone call, the one on which it usually depicts a handset in green.

    When the call has started, wait for the recorded voice to start speaking and then press the button first to complete the basic rate with further offers (which usually corresponds to the1 or al 2) and then the key 1 (the one to activate Vodafone Pass) then press the button corresponding to the variant of the offer you want to enable (eg. 1 to activate Vodafone Pass Video) and follow the instructions given to you to complete the procedure.

    At the end of the call, wait for Vodafone to receive an SMS on your mobile phone which will confirm the fact that the Vodafone Pass variant chosen has actually been activated on your number and that you can finally start using it on your SIM.

    Please note: Sometimes the service offers the options in a slightly different order. In order to avoid wasting time and unnecessary hitches, I therefore suggest that you follow my instructions but also listen carefully to the instructions of the recorded voice and proceed accordingly if necessary.

    Through customer service

    As an alternative to all the solutions already mentioned, you can activate Vodafone Pass also by contacting the telephone customer service operator.

    To do this, just call the number 190 directly from your mobile number, press the button 1 (the one for mobile telephony) and then the key 4 (the one to be able to talk to a consultant) twice in a row. As an alternative to the key 4 (or in any case if it corresponds to a high option), you can press the 5 (what would have been related to the theft and loss of the smartphone and SIM). For more details, you can read my article on how to call Vodafone.

    Once you have contacted a Vodafone consultant, you can ask him to activate the offer on your number for you.

    If instead of activating Vodafone Pass through the operator's call center you prefer to contact via chat with an operator you can do everything via social, through Facebook o Twitter.

    In the first case, connect to the official company page and select the button at the top right to start composing a new private message in which you will expose your need to the operator as well as provide your personal data (number of telephone, name, surname and tax code). Send it and wait for a reply as well as the activation of the offer.

    As for Twitter, connect to the social network and start composing a new tweet by mentioning at the beginning of the message @VodafoneIT, the official account of the company, and explain your need without providing your personal data. You will be invited to continue the conversation privately and you can therefore indicate the data relating to your person and your line. In a short time you will receive an answer and the offer will be activated.

    If you think you need more info about how to get in touch with Vodafone via chat, you can consult my guide on how to chat with Vodafone through which I have proceeded to talk to you in an even more detailed way.

    How to activate Vodafone Pass

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