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    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    Deactivate unwanted subscriptions with Wind

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    When a paid subscription (VAS), you receive an SMS describing the characteristics of the service and providing all the instructions necessary to deactivate it. Usually it involves sending an SMS or calling a number and following the instructions of the voice guide.

    Basta dunque seguire la procedura descritta nell’SMS e disattivare il servizio tramite quest’ultima. Dopodiché, per sicurezza, bisogna richiedere la disattivazione del VAS anche al proprio operatore telefonico.

    In the case of Wind, an SMS must be sent with the written message STOP to the number 48048 to deactivate all services e an SMS with written STOP to the number 48005 to deactivate tutti i servizi Info MMS. Per disattivare il servizio Risponderie and to restore the original tone, instead, you have to send an SMS with writing STOP to the number 48001.

    Once you have deactivated a subscription service, you should receive a new SMS within 24 hours which will inform you that the operation was successful.

    Another way to deactivate unwanted subscriptions with Wind is to call the number 155, carefully follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak with a “real person” operator and explicitly ask to deactivate the VAS.

    Nel momento in cui scrivo, per parlare con un operatore Wind devi digitare 2 per “ricevere assistenza da parte di un consulente Wind” e poi 1 to “receive assistance on the mobile line”. If the number you are calling from is the one you want to receive assistance for, please stay on hold. If, on the other hand, you wish to receive assistance on another number, press again 1, then type the number for which you want to request assistance and press the 4 per parlare con un operatore. Visto che Wind potrebbe cambiare la combinazione numerica da un momento all’altro, ti suggerisco di seguire comunque le indicazioni della voce guida.

    Please note: to deactivate banking services, you must contact the Customer Service of your credit institution directly.

    Refund of unwanted subscriptions

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    Se hai attivato un abbonamento indesiderato for less than 7 days, you are entitled to a reimbursement of the amount spent by Wind. To do this, I recommend that you contact the operator at the number 155 e di seguire le indicazioni che ti ho fornito nel paragrafo precedente per parlare con un operatore e chiedere informazioni sulle modalità di richiesta del rimborso. Se incontri qualche difficoltà nella procedura, prova a contattare gli operatori di Wind anche tramite Internet seguendo le indicazioni che trovi nel mio tutorial su come parlare con un operatore Wind.

    Preventive blocking of unwanted subscriptions

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    To avoid accidentally and unintentionally activating a VAS, I recommend activating the preventive blocking of unwanted subscriptions. You don't know which services can be blocked, or how to proceed? I'll explain it to you right away.

    At the time of writing, Wind allows you to activate the blocco dei contenuti per adulti, the services with surcharge (eg blocking of the 899 line, blocking of calls and SMS at Decade 4, etc.) and subscription services.

    To block the services in question, call the number 155, follow the instructions I gave you previously to talk to an operator and ask explicitly to activate the preventive blocking of unwanted subscriptions.

    As regards the blocco dei contenuti per adultiInstead, download the appropriate form from the Wind website, fill it in in its entirety and send it by post to the following address (also attaching your valid identity document).

    WIND TELECOMUNICAZIONI SpA - Post office box 14155 - Post office Milan 65 - 20152 Milan.

    As I told you a few lines above, you can deactivate the subscription services by also sending an SMS with the text STOP to the numbers 48048 e 48005 in modo da bloccare, rispettivamente, tutti i servizi Info SMS e Info MMS o, in alternativa, recandoti personalmente in un negozio Wind e chiedendo agli operatori di bloccare i servizi sopraccitati. Se non hai idea di dove sia ubicato il negozio Wind più vicino a te, leggi l’ultimo paragrafo di questo articolo e troverai informazioni utili al riguardo.

    Deactivate Wind telephone subscriptions

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    Do you want deactivate a Wind telephone subscription, but don't you have the faintest idea how to "move" in this circumstance? Well, I can assure you that deactivating is easier than you can imagine! All you have to do is contact a new operator and carry out the portability of your number, that's all.

    You can switch from Wind to any other operator in various ways: by physically visiting your new operator's store, by contacting him by phone or by activating an offer that interests you online. Usually the switch takes place in times very fast, most of the time a few days are enough.

    As regards the costs to be incurred, various factors must be taken into consideration: first of all the presence of time constraints to be respected and any devices purchased in installments. If, for example, the contract you have signed with Wind provides for a 12, 24 or 30 month bond and you withdraw early (therefore before its natural expiration), you will have to pay a penalty. If, in addition to this, the subscription also includes the purchase of a smartphone in installments, you are called to pay the remaining installments of the device in a single solution.

    For more information on how to deactivate a Wind subscription, I invite you to read the in-depth information in which I explain in detail how to cancel Wind and how to change operator.

    In case of problems or doubts

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

    If you still have doubts about how to deactivate a VAS activated by mistake, I suggest you connect to this page that Wind has set up on its website: there you will find all the info you need to proceed with the blocking or deactivation of the subscription services.

    If you do not find the answer to your doubts, try to get in touch with Wind using the numerous assistance channels made available to users. Not sure how to contact Wind? Read the in-depth analysis I have prepared in this regard in which I explain in detail how to use telephone support, online support services and so on.

    In case of problems or doubts, you can also physically go to a Wind store and ask for assistance. If you have no idea which Wind store is closest to you, connect to this web page and type the name of your city in the field Search to view the stores closest to you on the map (they are marked with an orange placeholder). Then go to the nearest Wind store and explain the problems you are having. I am sure that the employees of the famous operator will be able to give you the support you deserve.

    How to deactivate Wind subscriptions

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