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How to deactivate Info SMS TIM

How to deactivate Info SMS TIM from the mobile phone

The simplest method for deactivate Info SMS TIM is to send an SMS to the number 40916 with the following text inside: INFOSMS OFF (all uppercase). Within a few seconds you will receive a confirmation SMS that will notify you of the deactivation of the service.

Alternatively you can contact the number 40920 and command the deactivation of the SMS info service from there. The procedure to follow is quite simple: you have to listen to the indications of the recorded voice, press the button corresponding to the option for activate / deactivate SMS info (should be the number 3) and wait a few seconds online.

The recorded voice will tell you that the SMS Info service is active on your line and will ask you to press a button (usually the 2) to deactivate it. Then press the button indicated by the automatic service and the changes will be applied instantly.

The key combinations to press are subject to frequent variations, so if you want to avoid mistakes listen carefully to the indications of the recorded voice and stick to them.

When the operation is complete, to verify that everything went well, try making a phone call. If the SMS Info service has actually been deactivated, at the end of the conversation you will not receive the fateful SMS with the remaining credit.

Alternatively you can also call up the 40920 and press the button relating to the option for activate / deactivate SMS info. The recorded voice will tell you the current status of the service on your line (if still active or already deactivated).

How to disable Info SMS TIM from your computer

If you want you can deactivate Info SMS TIM even from your computer. How? Obviously by connecting to the TIM website and accessing the service MyTIM which allows you to manage all the services, rates and consumption of your line.

To use the service you must have an account on If you haven't already created one, click on the item MyTIM placed at the top right and presses the button Subscribe in the box that opens. Provide, therefore, e-mailPassword to use for your account on the page that opens, move the lever located at the bottom of the page to the right and press the button NEXT. Then type yours telephone number, check the box I declare that I am the owner of the number entered, awarded his NEXT and complete the registration procedure on the TIM website by following the instructions on the screen.

Once you have created your account on the TIM website, click again on the item MyTIM at the top right, select the tab MyTIM Mobile from the page that opens and go up Services. At this point, locate the item relating to Info SMS e pigia prima sul pulsating disable relating to the latter and then on Confirmation (in the box that appears in the center of the screen).

To check that the service has been deactivated, go back to the tab Services of MyTIM Mobile and check that next to the entry Info SMS the button appeared Attiva in place of the “Disable” one.

In case of problems ...

In the unfortunate event that you have trouble in the deactivate Info SMS TIM, try to get in touch with a TIM operator and ask for explanations on the nature of the problem.

To contact a TIM operator by telephone, call 119 and follow the instructions of the recorded voice. In general, just wait a few seconds and you will immediately receive the assistance of a consultant in the flesh.

Alternatively, you can contact TIM's social channels and ask for the assistance of an operator via the Internet. If you are registered on Facebook you can connect to the official TIM page and send a message to the customer care service by pressing the appropriate button at the top right. In the message, please indicate your mobile number and the problem for which you need assistance.

If you prefer Twitter, you can contact TIM by mentioning at the beginning of a tweet an account of your choice between @ TIM4UAlessio, @ TIM4UGiulia and @ TIM4UStefano. Please do not enter your mobile number or other personal information in the initial tweet (which will be public).

Within a few hours you will be contacted by a TIM operator, who will hopefully help you solve your problems and doubts regarding the InfoSMS service. For further information, also read my tutorial on how to talk to a TIM operator.

In case of second thoughts ...

If after deactivating InfoSMS you want to retrace your steps and reactivate the service, no problem, you can do it simply by following one of these procedures.

  • Access the MyTIM service from your computer, select the tab Services and click on the button first Attiva placed next to the item Info SMS and then Confirm purchase (which will actually be free).
  • Call the number 40920 and first presses the button corresponding to the option for activate / deactivate SMS info (should be the number 3) and then on the button to confirm the reactivation of the service (which instead should be the1).
  • Send an SMS to the number 40916 writing INFOSMS ON (all caps).

Activation of the service is free and is available to all TIM rechargeable customers. For more details, please refer to the operator's website.

How to deactivate Info SMS TIM

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