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    How to disable roaming

    What is roaming

    Ok, with this tutorial we're going to find out what needs to be done to be able to disable roaming but… exactly what is it? Before getting to the heart of the question, therefore, let's try to clear our minds about it.

    Roaming, in a nutshell, is what occurs when your mobile line, on a cell phone or tablet, relies on other operators with the purpose of making calls or surfing the Internet. This happens when the network of the main operator, the one with which you have activated a given tariff and / or offer in your territory (presumably the city), is not available.

    In this regard, fundamental distinctions must be made. Once in action, roaming can be divided into: roaming you, which occurs when the mobile phone relies on other operators to make phone calls, e data roaming, which occurs when browsing the Internet; then there is roaming national, ie what takes place in the same reference territory as the main operator, and roaming international, which occurs when you are abroad and your manager has to rely on other operators to offer services such as voice and data. In the city, among the main operators, namely TIM, ThreeVodafone e wind, only Tre uses national data roaming. The company only provides its customers with signal coverage UMTS (3G and 4G) while connecting GPRS (2.5G) is provided by operators (Wind and TIM).

    As far as international roaming is concerned, yet another distinction must be made between roaming in Countries of the European Union and roaming in the rest of the world. In the first case, starting from 15 June 2017 it is possible to call, send SMS and surf the Internet in the same way as it is possible to do on a daily basis in the city, using rates and promotions already active at national level. The only thing to consider is that some tariff plans including bundles and / or particularly substantial data traffic outside the national territory could be limited by the operators themselves in order to avoid abuses. As for roaming outside the European Union, it has to be paid for (and it is also very salty!).

    For more details about the various types of roaming, the costs to be incurred and also any tariffs that can be exploited outside the EU, I suggest you read my article dedicated to the topic through which, in fact, I proceeded to talk to you. of the thing in great detail.

    Disable roaming

    Having understood what roaming is, let's see now how to disable it on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, follow the ad hoc instructions for the main platforms for mobile devices that you find right below.

    Your Android

    Would you like to understand how to disable roaming on your Android device? I'll explain immediately how to proceed. All you have to do is access the smartphone or tablet screen where all the apps are grouped, go to Settings (l'icona a forma di gear wheel), press on the wording Other (o Other networks) present under the heading Wireless and ret (or under that Network Connections) and disable the option Data roaming/National data roaming in the section Mobile networks of the panel. Then press on OK per confermare l'esecuzione dell'operazione.

    If you are unable to deselect the roaming option, it is most likely because the data connection is disabled. To fix it, activate it by placing the check mark next to the item Data connection che trovi semper nella sezione Mobile networks Android settings or call the notification center of the device and then pressing the icon of Conn. dati (Quella with him two arrows) so that it becomes chlorinated.

    Please note: Taking into account the fact that there are several versions of Android in circulation and that smartphone manufacturers often apply customizations to the operating system and that I do not know exactly the brand, model and version of the OS used by you, the indications I have just given you may be slightly different for your device. In other words, the menus to access and the steps to be taken are always the same but the items may differ slightly.

    Your iOS

    If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, you can act by going to deactivate roaming by first going to the home screen of the device and pressing the Settings (Quella with the gear wheel). You then have to select the item Mobile phone in the screen that opens, press on Cellular data options and carry on OFF l'interruttore che trovi accanto alla voce Data roaming. Done!

    If you can't see the option Data roaming in the iOS settings it is most likely because cellular data connection is not currently enabled on your device. To remedy and then to proceed with the deactivation of roaming, momentarily activate the data network on your device. To do this, go to Settings> Cellular e carries his ON l'interruttore present accanto alla voce Cellular data. Alternatively, invoke the control center by swiping from bottom to top or, if you are using iPhone X, from the top right corner to the bottom and presses on the symbol ofAntenna so that it turns green.

    Su Windows Mobile

    If, on the other hand, what you are using is a device Windows Mobile, what you need to do to be able to disable roaming is access the list of apps, press on Settings, select the item Cellular network, locate the wording Data roaming options and choose the option do not connect when roaming from the menu below.

    Note that if you are unable to see the above items most likely it is because you have not enabled data connection on your device. To do this, go to Settings> Cellular Network and select Si from the menu you find under the item Data network.

    In case of problems

    Despite having strictly followed the instructions I have given you in the previous lines, have you not yet disabled the roaming function on your device? Did you already disable it but still found yourself having to incur unexpected costs? Let's try to cope with this too!

    In the first case, that is to say if for one reason or another you have not yet managed to disable roaming on your device, the advice I can give you is to try to take a look at the appropriate Internet pages of support present on the official websites of Apple (click here), of the various manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets (eg Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo etc.) and Microsoft (click here) based on the make and model of the device in your possession.

    You can also try to take a look at the pages dedicated to configuration of the devices present on the websites of national telephone operators (TIM, Tre, Vodafone and Wind) on which there are step-by-step guides in this regard.

    Another thing you can do is to carry out a targeted search on the net, for example using Google, typing a keyword of the type disable device name roaming (instead of device name you must enter the exact make and model of the smartphone or tablet in your possession), and consult the various search results. Very often it is possible to find links to forums dedicated to the topic with detailed information provided by other users who have found themselves having to face the same difficulties as you.

    In the second case, that is, if you managed to disable roaming on your device but you still found yourself having to incur additional costs, I can not help but advise you to get in touch with the customer care of your manager and to ask the operator with whom you will find yourself talking about it. If you don't know how to do it, below you will find links to my guides on the subject with all the relevant instructions.

    • If you have a SIM TIM, read my tutorial on how I can talk to a TIM operator.
    • If you have a SIM Three, read my tutorial on contacting operator Three.
    • If you have a Vodafone SIM, read my tutorial on how to talk to a Vodafone operator.
    • If you have a Wind SIM, read my tutorial on how to talk to Wind operator.

    Finally, keep in mind that in some circumstances, despite the deactivation of roaming, some sums may be charged for traffic carried out by systems such as A-GPS. In this case, you can proceed as indicated below.

    • iOS - You can disable the location from GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular network by happening on the home screen, by pressing the icon of Settings (Quella with the gear wheel), selecting the voice Privacy from the screen that opens, by pressing on Location and setting to OFF the main switch or choosing individually for which apps allow the detection of the geographical position and for which not.
    • Android - You can disable the location via the mobile network by accessing the device screen where all the applications are grouped, by tapping on the Settings (Quella with the gear wheel), selecting Location access (o Location) and removing the check from the item Wi-Fi location and mobile network (o High accuracy).
    How to disable roaming

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