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    How to delete unnecessary apps from Windows 10

    Like all operating systems, too Windows 10 it is full of useless programs that are installed on the computer along with the OS. Users who they use computers customized by the manufacturer they know this problem well: dozens of software that is useless, if not to take up space. These applications also have a specific name: bloatware. And they are increasingly present both on the PC and on Android smartphones.

    Fortunately, it is possible clear bloatware from Windows 10 PC using different weapons made available directly by the operating system, or using third-party programs. The best choice is the latter, because it allows you to go deeper and remove any trace of bloatware, even the most complicated ones to eliminate. Delete this kind of useless apps it is very important, especially if the hard disk has low memory or if the computer is underperforming. This reduces the number of processes that open as soon as the computer is turned on. Here you are how to clear bloatware.

    How to clear bloatware from Windows 10

    We must start from an assumption: not all bloatware present by deafult on the Windows 10 computers are the same. Much depends on how the manufacturer decided to customize the computer and the number of bloatware programs installed. In addition to these applications, there are others present by default on all Windows 10 PCs and made directly by Microsoft. To be clear, these are the programs present in the Start menu and which occupy the space dedicated to Live Tiles.

    Get rid of Windows 10 bloatware it's not very complicated. We don't find them in the list of installed apps, but this doesn't have to be a problem. There is an alternative way to delete them: just open the Start menu, right-click on the Live Tiles and press the "Uninstall" item. Within a few seconds it will be deleted from the PC. This operation must be repeated for everyone the useless programs of Windows 10 natively present on the computer.

    How to get rid of Windows 10 bloatware with an ad hoc app

    If you don't want to waste too much time looking for every single bloatware app, an open source program that is very easy to use comes to your rescue: Bloatbox. The software is free and very intuitive to use: once installed, just start it to see collections on a single screen app bloatware installate. To delete them, select them one by one and then press the button to remove them. Simple, easy and fast.

    How to delete unnecessary apps from Windows 10

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