How to disable Digital Post Office Collection

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What is Digital Withdrawal of Poste cittàne

Before we get into the matter and see how to deactivate Digital Post Office Withdrawal, it seems only right to give you some more details on that what is the Digital Withdrawal service of Poste cittàne, if you are not clear about all its characteristics (maybe you could re-evaluate what to do after having discovered them!).

As I partially mentioned at the beginning of the post, Digital Withdrawal is a service offered by Poste cittàne that allows you to be notified of the arrival of a registered letter or a judicial document to be collected directly online, without having to physically go to the post office.

Thanks to it, it is possible to have a personal reserved area, through which to consult your items collected digitally, as well as those delivered by the postman or those collected at the post office. It is usable 24/24 and is completely free.

If you wish to deactivate the service, you must download the appropriate cancellation form and forward it to Poste cittàne according to the methods indicated therein, as I will explain better in the next chapter.

How to deactivate the digital collection service of the city post office

deactivate the Digital Withdrawal service of Poste cittàne, as I mentioned earlier, you need to download a form from the site, fill it in and send it according to the available methods, which are indicated in the form itself.

To proceed, therefore, download the Digital Withdrawal withdrawal form the contract transfer proposal in PDF format, which you can obtain by connecting to this page, reaching the box Find out more (below) and clicking on the entry first DOCUMENTATION and then on the link Digital Withdrawal Withdrawal Form.

If the form opens directly in your browser and you don't know how to download it, click the arrow or on that of floppy disk and, if requested, choose the voice Save object as/Save link as give the menu check if you press.

Once you have downloaded the form, print it and fill it out in its entirety, indicating in the appropriate text fields surname and name, e-mail, fiscal Code, place and date e signature. Then send it by recommended return at the following address, remembering to also attach a copy of a valid identity document and tax code.

P.O. Box 160, 00144 Rome

Alternatively, you can send the cancellation form with its attachments by fax to the number +06 9868 6415 XNUMX or, if you prefer, by PEC to the following certified e-mail address:

In case of problems or doubts

If you have read this far, you are obviously experiencing problems or concerns in completing the deactivation procedure of the Digital Withdrawal service. To try to get over the situation, I invite you to contact the city post office, so as to request the assistance you need. Below you will list the main contact details to get in touch with Poste cittàne customer care.

  • Telephone - contact the number 803 160 from landline (the call is free) or the number +199 100 160 XNUMX from mobile phones (the cost is € 0,60 per minute + € 0,15 connection fee).
  • Email - send a message, write the problem encountered in the subject of the email (eg. Problem of digital withdrawal service deactivation) and, in the body of the message, write your personal data (fiscal Code, name, last name, Etc.).
  • Social assistance - contact Poste cittàne on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ufficio postale - go to the post office (you can search for the closest one by going to this page), so as to request assistance from a real-life Poste cittàne consultant.

If you want more information on how to contact Poste cittàne, please consult the in-depth study that I have linked to you. I am sure you will find it useful.

How to disable Digital Post Office Collection

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