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    How to disable localization

    How to turn off location on Android

    How to disable localization

    The most drastic solution for disable location on Android and, consequently, preventing access to location services for all apps installed in the system, is that of disable GPS completely: in this way, however, I would also prevent the tracing action of “harmless” applications or applications in which the use of GPS is of fundamental importance (eg map apps).

    If you are convinced to do so, call thenotify area of the device, swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom and, if necessary, tap the icon named Geolocation, GPS, Location o Location (the name may vary depending on the version of Android installed on the terminal), to “turn it off”: in this way, the GPS will be disabled for all the apps and services that wish to use it.

    Alternatively, you can achieve the same result by acting on the settings Android: go to the latter by touching the icon in the shape ofgear located in the drawer of the device or on the Home screen, tap on the items Safety and location e Geolocation (the latter is located in the box Privacy) and move up OFF the levetta relative to the dicitura Use location, located at the top of the screen.

    If you have second thoughts, you can re-enable GPS access by bringing up ON the aforementioned lever or by calling up the Android notification area and touching the icon relating to Geolocation (o GPS, Location o Location), in order to "illuminate it".

    How to turn off location on iPhone

    How to disable localization

    Similar speech also applies to iPhone (and for iPad): To prevent all apps and system services from accessing your device's location, just turn off GPS from settings of iOS.

    To do this, tap on thegear placed on the Home screen, then touch the item Privacy and touches the voice Location services located in the screen that appears immediately after. To finish and completely disable the GPS of the iPhone or iPad, move up OFF the levetta Location services which resides at the top of the screen and taps the button disable.

    In case of second thoughts, you can activate the GPS at any time, following the same steps seen above and reporting on ON the levetta relative to i location services. That's all!

    Note: If you use Find My iPhone in the future to enable Lost Mode and attempt to track the device, GPS will be temporarily re-enabled, regardless of the settings you choose.

    How to disable PC tracking

    How to disable localization

    disable PC localization and to prevent programs, applications and websites from keeping track of your location, all you have to do is disable, if present, the GPS sensor on your computer.

    So, if you employ Windows 10, apr l 'notify area system by clicking on the icon in the shape of comic located at the bottom right (next to the clock) and, if necessary, click on the tile named Location, to "turn it off". If you don't see it, click on the item Expand, in order to view all the available “tiles”.

    Alternatively, you can act from the panel of Settings of the operating system, which you can reach by right clicking on the button Home (l'icona della pennant which resides in the lower left corner of the screen) and selecting the item of the same name from the proposed context menu.

    Once in the appropriate screen, click on the item Privacy, then on the wording Route which is located on the left sidebar, in correspondence with the item App authorization, then press the button Modification and move up Disabled the switch relative to thelocation access for the device. Finally, if you want to delete the location history saved on your computer, locate the wording Clear location history on this device and click on the button Clear.

    How to disable localization

    The steps to put into practice on MacOS are quite similar to those already seen for Windows: to start, open the System preference clicking on the d-shaped icongear placed in the bar Dock, click the icon Security and privacy and then on the board Privacy, placed at the top.

    At this point, click on the padlock located at the bottom left, to enable the changes; enter the Password of the Mac in the appropriate field, click on the button Unlock and, finally, remove the check mark from the item Enable "Location Services".

    How to disable app localization

    How to disable localization

    How do you say? It is not your intention to completely disable GPS on your smartphone or tablet, but would you prefer to inhibit access to the location only for some apps? Don't worry, it's entirely doable. To do so, it is necessary to modify, individually, the permissions relating to each of the apps for which you intend to disable the localization: below I'll explain how to do it.

    • Android - access the menu Settings> Security and location> Location, tap on the item App-level permissions and move up OFF the switches related to the applications for which you want to prevent access to the GPS.
    • iOS - brought to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location Services, do tap sul name of the app for which you want to disable access permissions to the location and choose the option Mai from the next screen.
    • Windows - access the Settings system by right clicking on the button Home and then on the appropriate menu item displayed, go to the section Privacyclick sulla voce Route (a sinistra) e esposta su Disabled the switches related to the apps you want to prevent access to the exact location.
    • MacOS - recati nelle System Preference, click on the items Security and Privacy, access the tab Privacy and select the item Location services. Then click on the icon of padlock at the bottom left to enable the changes (you will have to enter, when requested, the Password of the Mac) and, using the box located in the center of the window, remove the check mark corresponding to the applications for which you want to inhibit access to the location.

    How to disable tracking on Instagram

    How to disable localization

    Specifically, if it is your intention disable tracking on Instagram, do this.

    • Su Android - access the menu Settings> Security and location> Location> App-level permissions, locate Instagram in the list of proposed applications and set the corresponding switch to OFF, to disable access to the GPS.
    • Su iOS e iPadOS - go to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location Services, tap on the item Instagram e scegli l'opzione Mai among those proposed in the next screen.
    • Su Windows 10 - reach the Settings operating system by right clicking on the button Home and then on the appropriate resident item in the menu that appears, click on the sections Privacy> Route (a sinistra) e esposta su Disabled the lever corresponding to Instagram.

    How to disable tracking on Facebook

    How to disable localization

    To disable location access for Facebook, however, you can follow two different ways: the first allows you to do this from the operating system settings, as I explained earlier.

    The second, on the other hand, can be put into practice from within the Facebook app: after starting the latter, tap the ☰ button, select the item Settings and Privacy from the main menu of the app and then touch the wording Settings.

    At this point, fai tap sulla voce Location, then on the option Location access e Location services and act in the most appropriate way, based on the operating system you are using: su Android, sfiora il pulsating Nega located in the proposed warning screen; up iOS e iPadOSinstead, tap on the item Location e scegli l'opzione Mai resident in the next screen.

    How to disable localization

    It was used Facebook from PC, on the other hand, you can disable the localization by acting directly from the browser you usually use. If you employ Google Chrome, for example, connected to the social network website, click on the icon in the shape of padlock located at the top left and then on the button Site settings resident in the panel that appears later. Finally, locate the drop-down menu related to Location and set it to Block.

    Su Safari for macOS, on the other hand, proceed in this way: after opening the Facebook site, go to the menu Safari> Website Settings ..., locate the drop-down menu Location in the small overlay window and set it to Reject.

    However, it will help you to know that it is possible to disable it altogether as well location history, i.e. the acquisition of information relating to places and movements received through the settings of smartphones and tablets.

    To proceed, connected to the Facebook website, log in with your account, click on down arrow collocata in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Settings from the on-screen menu.

    Pray, fai clic sulla voce Geographic location located on the left sidebar, then click on the entry Modification corresponding to the wording Do you want to enable location history for your mobile devices? located on the next page and move up No the drop-down menu that appears on the screen.

    Finally, press the button View location history, award bottone (...) located at the top right and delete the entire history of the places acquired by double clicking on Delete all location history.

    How to deactivate the localization on Google

    How to disable localization

    Google services generally store information relating to the actions performed by the user within its apps and web services, such as the search history and position from which they are carried out.

    To prevent this from happening, you have to disable web and app activity analysis by Google. However, this could change the user experience related to Google services and apps: by suspending web and app activity, in fact, you may no longer see recommendations regarding the places that interest you or search results relevant to yours. activities.

    How do you say? Do you want to proceed anyway? Very well. In this case, using any browser, connected to the Google account management portal, log in to your account, if necessary, then go to the tab Data and personalization, which you find at the top.

    Successively select the voice Attiva related to the section Web and app activity and move the lever of the same name up Disabled; finally, scroll down the warning screen that is shown to you immediately after and press the button Suspend, to confirm the choice made.

    Keep in mind that, following this operation, the history of the places visited so far will not be deleted; to make this happen, press the left arrow located next to the wording Activity management (located at the top), this time select the item Attiva Corresponding to the dicitura Location history and, if you want to prevent location storage for a given device only, select the item Devices associated with this account and remove the check mark from the box relating to the device of your interest.

    If, on the other hand, you want to completely disable the storage of locations detected in the past by Google apps, including Google Maps, well aware that this operation will have small consequences (you may not see useful tips on daily journeys, for example), press the button Suspend located on the next screen.

    How to disable localization

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