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    How to disable TIM in Viaggio Full

    Deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full from your smartphone

    Let's start by seeing how to deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full acting directly from the mobile phone. As already mentioned above, there are two paths that you can take: the first is to call the TIM support service and follow the instructions given in the guide; the second involves sending a simple SMS. Both are free: here they are explained in detail.

    Call to telephone support

    If you want to deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full using the TIM telephone assistance service, open the dialer of your smartphone (i.e. the screen for dialing telephone numbers, which is usually represented by a handset icon), calls up the keypad and initiate a call to 40916.

    Then listen to the service's welcome message and agree to stay on the line to get to know yours remaining credit. After having listened to the information relating to the remaining credit, press the button relating to the option to find out the line information (it should be the1); listen to all the details related to your line and press the button to discover the offers you have currently activated (should be the1).

    At this point, listen to all the information on the offers currently active on your line (it may take a long time!), Choose the option to disable offers (should always match the number 1) and, finally, first presses the button corresponding to the offer TIM in Full Journey and then on that to confirm its deactivation (it should be the1).

    As with any telephone assistance service, the combination of keys to deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full may also be subject to variations. To avoid unnecessary mistakes (and unnecessary waste of time) carefully follow the instructions in the guide.


    If you do not want to waste time with the telephone assistance services, you can request the deactivation of TIM in Viaggio Full also through SMS. All you have to do is open the app Messages of your mobile phone, start dialing a new message and enter the recipient number 40916 of TIM.

    As text of the SMS put TRAVEL FULL OFF, then presses the button sending and wait a few seconds for the message to be delivered to its destination. A confirmation SMS should confirm the effective cancellation of the offer.

    If you have problems sending the SMS, try to move to an area where the signal reception is better and repeat the whole procedure.

    Deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full from the computer

    If you prefer to act as a PC, know that you can deactivate TIM in Viaggio Full by contacting the operator's website. Then connect to the site using your favorite browser, click on the tab MyTIM located at the top right and log in to your TIM account using the form that appears.

    If you don't have a TIM account yet, click on the item Subscribe present at the bottom of the box with the login form, presses the button Activate TIMpersonal present on the page that has opened and fill out the form that is proposed to you by inserting yours in the appropriate text field cellphone number.

    Then put the check mark next to the item Accept Terms and Conditions

    Information on the processing of personal data, drag the cursor which is at the bottom of the page and presses the button Continue.

    Now type, in the page that is proposed to you, the code of confirmation sent to you via SMS, go ahead and complete the procedure for creating your TIM account by providing yours fiscal Code.

    Once the TIM account creation procedure has been completed, go back to the main page of TIM.comclick here MyTIM (top right) and log in with the profile data you created earlier.

    Next, select the tab My TIM Mobile located at the top right, find the entry for TIM in Full Journey in the section My line and proceed to deactivate the offer by pressing the button first disable and then Confirmation (in the box that appears on the screen).

    Mission accomplished! You have now deactivated TIM in Viaggio Full and therefore the offer is no longer active on your mobile line. Happy?

    In case of dubbi or problem

    Before deactivating TIM in Viaggio Full, would you like some clarifications on the characteristics of the offer? No problem, connected to this page of the operator's website (i.e. the page of the TIM site dedicated to TIM in Viaggio Full), expand the box Offer details and limitations found below and read the complete list of the plan's features, with related costs and limitations.

    Alternatively, if the information on the TIM website fails to dispel your doubts about the characteristics of the offer, you can request information on TIM in Viaggio Full by contacting an operator. There are various paths you can take.

    • Contact 119 - by contacting 119 and following the instructions of the voice guide, you will be able to get in touch with a TIM operator in the flesh and ask for clarification about the TIM in Viaggio Full offer. If you are unable to extricate yourself from the "labyrinth" of numbers to press, try to follow the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to talk to a TIM operator.
    • Contact TIM support on Facebook - if you do not want to juggle the telephone "labyrinths" of TIM assistance, you can also get in touch with an operator via Facebook. How? Very simple: connect to the official TIM Facebook page, press the button to send a message and compose a message in which to expose your doubts to the operator. In the message, remember to enter your TIM mobile number, your social security number and the hashtag #TIMmobile.
    • Contact TIM assistance on Twitter - if you prefer Twitter to Facebook, you can get in touch with TIM's assistance by sending a public message to @ TIM4UAlessio, @ TIM4UGiulia or @ TIM4UStefano, in order to attract the operator's attention (do not enter your number in the message nor other private information). Once this is done, wait for TIM's response, wait for one of the aforementioned accounts to become your follower and take advantage of the direct message to expose your doubts to TIM privately.

    TIM operators will try to answer you as soon as possible and, above all, will do their best to help you clarify any doubts about TIM in Viaggio Full and its deactivation.

    If you change your mind, you can activate TIM in Viaggio Full again on your line by contacting an operator of the 119 or by sending a text message TRAVEL FULL ON al 40916. The operation will be totally free. For more information on this, consult the TIM website.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for TIM rates for abroad alternatives to TIM in Full Travel, consult the post I dedicated to the topic: I assure you that you will not struggle to find the information you need.

    How to disable TIM in Viaggio Full

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