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    How to format Windows 10 without losing your files

    The installation of an incompatible program, the infection of a cyber attack or the decrease in performance of our computer. There are several cases in which we will have to format our Windows 10 PC. For some it may be a new operation, but it is very simple to do.

    Using the option present on Windows 10 called Keep My FIles we can easily format the device without the fear of losing our documents and photos or videos saved on your computer. In practice, before formatting, the computer allows us to save the most important apps and files in order to recover them once the process is complete. To find them, we will not even have to do difficult operations, it will be enough log in with our username and password during the reboot and we will find on the PC a formatted version of Windows 10 with all our documents and programs ready to use.

    How to format Windows 10 PC

    To start with the formatting, we first look for the section called PC Reset. At this point we will have to make sure that we have inserted a USB key or an external hard drive on the computer, where we will save the files that we do not intend to delete. Proceeding with the Restore operation, the operating system will ask us if Keep files or whether to Remove everything. Obviously we must select the first option and we will choose which documents and which multimedia contents to save thanks to the external hard disk or the pen. Once this action is done we can confirm the restore process. The PC will now be restarted and before it is operational again it will take a bit 'of time. Depending on the PC we use, it could take from thirty minutes to an hour and a half.

    After the reboot, the computer will proceed to the automatic installation of Windows 10 and we will have to access the operating system through our Microsoft username and the password we had registered at the time of the first registration. At this point we will have to reconfigure our computer following the Windows 10 wizard (language selection, time zone, location and so on). Once this step has also been completed, we are ready to use the computer again. In the desktop we will find a folder with our saved documents before formatting while if we look for Removed Apps we will find a list of programs that have been deleted with the restore. In this way it will be easy to understand which program has infected or slowed down our device.

    How to format Windows 10 without losing your files

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