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    How to install Windows 10 on computers using a USB stick


    It may happen that you have to work on a computer other than ours. And maybe, ironically, the device in question doesn't run with an operating system Windows. How to do? There is no need to learn how to use all the operating systems on our planet to remedy these situations. It will be enough to always carry with us, inside a USB stick, our favorite version of Windows. Yes, it is possible to do that. Thanks to a tool that Microsoft calls WinToUSB. Let's see how to install Windows 10 using a USB stick

    Let's start with the necessary equipment: a USB key, or alternatively an external hard drive. We will then need at least 16GB of free storage space. Although it is preferable to have some 32GB to avoid problems or slowdowns. To insert the operating system on a pendrive we will have to use a particular program called WinToUSB. Once the configuration is complete, our chosen version of Windows will be available to be used directly from the key. There is also another tool called Windows To Go but it allows you to use only a version of Windows 10 and not the previous ones. While with WinToUSB there will be no such problems. Is the stick or hard drive better? The second allows greater speed to the operating system but the first solution is more practical.

    Before you can run a version of the Windows 10 on another PC we will have to enter a computer with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system and create a Windows 10 ISO file that will be used to clone Windows 10 to the USB stick. It may seem complicated but to do it just download Microsoft's Media Creation Tool from the website where we downloaded Windows 10. To start the installation just double click on the downloaded file that will have the name: MediaCreationTool.exe. At the first screen just click on Log in. On the second screen we optionally say "Create installation media for another PC". At this point we click on Next. At the third screen, defined as "Select the language" we verify that the data are correct and go on. At this point in the "select the content to use" screen, click on the option for the ISO file and then we press the button NEXT. In the screen that will appear later we option the item Save and then that end, once the process is finished.

    Once these operations have been completed, we are close to conclusion. Now we need to download and install the software WinToUSB. That is what will allow our version of Windows downloaded on the stick to run on another PC. Let's go to the software site and download it. You can use the free version to get started and then decide, if you wish, to upgrade the software to the highest performing and most function paid version that costs just under 30 euros. At this point we start WinToUSB from its link in the menu Home. In the introductory screen, we click on the button on the right and option the newly created Windows.iso file. Then select the version of Windows 10 that we want to clone to the USB stick. And at this point we click Next. On the page where it asks us to "Select the destination disk" we check the item that indicates our pen drive. At this point a page appears and we click on the "MBR for BIOS" option and then we go on by clicking on Yes. At this point, just press Next on the next screen and our copy of Windows to take for a walk just in case will be beautiful than ready.

    Let's say that we happen to have to use the stick with saved Windows 10 on another PC. What procedure do we need to carry out? First we insert the key USB in that PC, and then we turn it on. Now we will have to call up the boot menu. The keys to press in this case depend on the computer in question. Sometimes it's F8 rather than Shift + F8, while other times it's F12. Once this is done, we choose the option to boot the USB drive. And we launch Windows 10. The first time we use the Windows 10 drive on another computer, we will need to establish the necessary Wi-Fi password and we will have to choose all the other initial settings. For this reason, it is best to always log in with your Microsoft account, to which the digital license is linked. At this point it will be possible to install applications on the USB stick or access any type of file or document stored online. A bit like we were working from our Windows PC ever.

    How to install Windows 10 on computers using a USB stick

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