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    How to see Flash sites on Android and iPhone

    Although its use today has been particularly scaled down, some sites still use the Flash Player Plugin to display content such as streaming videos and games. This plugin, however, is now considered insecure by browsers so much so that even on Chrome and Firefox for PC it must be manually enabled to run it.
    On smartphones and tablets, however, it has practically never been supported. On iPhones and iPads there has never been support for Flash sites, while on Android smartphones, Flash was retired starting with Android Jelly Bean, so several years ago.
    In case you want see a Flash site on iPhone or iPad today, on one modern android smartphone (Huawei, Honor, Samsung and all the others) or even its an Android TVBox or a tablet, a streaming video or a game, this can still be done.

    If in the past there were several tricks for enable Flash on Android and iPhone, today this is much easier and you just need to use a browser that has the integrated plugin other than Chrome or Safari.
    The browser to download to watch videos, animations and Flash games on Android and iPhone è Puffin Browser, che già in passato avevo segnalato come uno dei più speciali e particolari browser con cui navigare il web. La particolarità di Puffin sta nel fatto che la connessione ad ogni sito web passa attraverso i suoi server cloud situati negli USA. Questo garantisce che ogni sito diventa accessibile anche se oscurato o bloccato in el paese e che la connessione sia molto veloce grazie alla tecnologia di compressione dei dati di Puffin. Inoltre, siccome si tratta di un browser web specializzato nella visione di video in streaming, ogni flusso video viene filtrato e visualizzato attraverso i suoi player, tra i quali c'è anche il Flash Player.
    When you open a Flash site with Puffin, it will open without hindrance, without you installing anything and without having to configure any settings.
    The only option to change, for some sites, is to request the desktop version of the browser instead of the mobile version, which can be done from the main menu of Puffin.
    For better video viewing, you can turn the phone horizontally and tap the theater mode key to view full screen. The flash content loads very quickly and playback remains as smooth as seen on the PC. The only drawback of Puffin, which in my tests is really the best for viewing videos on any smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad and also on Android TVs and Fire TV Sticks, is that additional advertisements may appear while watching. To remove Puffin ads, you should download and pay for the Premium version.
    Each version of Puffin can be downloaded from the official website.

    Alternatively you can try it too FlashFox, a modified version of Firefox optimized to support Flash content.
    The app is much slower than Puffin in loading videos and animations, also on some sites there may be problems caused by advertisements above the videos, by too small buttons of the player and by a less than optimal application stability.

    Another way to enable Flash on Android, which in my smartphone however did not work, is to download the old Flash Player for Android, the latest version released in 2013: Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (
    Once Flash is installed, (remembering to activate the installation from Unknown Sources in the Android settings), it should automatically activate using a web browser such as Dolphin Browser where in the settings it is possible to ask to have Flash always enabled.

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