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    How to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

    Have you always used your computer at home, but now you need to take it to the office? If you use Windows 10, in addition to transferring hardware from one point to another, you can switch to the Pro version in a few steps. The parent company allows you to choose between 10 variants of the operating system, which differ in a series of features.

    For example, in the Pro version there is the possibility of encrypting data with Bitlocker technology. In addition, you can use the Remote function to manage the PC even remotely, as well as the ability to postpone updates without having to install them immediately. The operating system it also has software called Hyper-V to create virtual machines and emulate other OSes. All these options are missing in the Home version. In short, if you have to use the computer for work the version For is what you do for yourself. Fortunately, there are several ways to switch to Windows 10 Pro.

    Upgrade your system to Windows 10 Pro: here's how

    Before carrying out the operation you must make sure that you really own it Windows 10 Home. To do this, follow the path Start> Information: a window will open with various information and next to the item "OS Name" you will understand which version of Windows is on the PC. After checking, you can proceed with theupdating.

    If you have already purchased the Windows 10 Pro license, you will have a product code that you will have to insert in the space provided by the system. You can do this from the About page - you find the entry right under the name of your version of Windows. After launching and validating the product key, the system will start the update.

    Purchase the Windows 10 Pro product key

    If you still haven't purchased a product code, you can do it inside the Microsoft Store. Buying the update costs less than buying from scratch, so make sure you always do the first step if you already use another version of Windows 10. To make your purchase you need a Microsoft account and a payment system such as PayPal or credit card.

    After purchasing the license, your computer will start downloading all the files necessary for the operating system to function. When the process finishes, you can start your computer to see and use the new version Windows 10 Pro. To make sure everything went well, check the OS version again.

    Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free

    If you have previously purchased a license for Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 7 Pro, you can switch to the Pro operating system completely free of charge. To do this, switch your device to airplane mode to disable the connection. At this point you can change the product key by first entering one provided by Microsoft itself. When the update is finished, activate the new version. Click on Cambia Product Key and enter the one in your possession. At this point you can activate Windows 10 Pro for free.

    How to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

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