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    Instagram: a new button to make sure you don't miss Reels videos

    Instagram recently deployed an access button specially dedicated to Reels, its famous clips of 15 seconds maximum introduced in June on the platform. A way to push users to consume more, to the detriment of a certain TikTok, which will necessarily take a dim view of the highlighting of this feature.

    The Reels will be even easier to access // Source: Instagram

    At the end of June, Instagram added a brand new feature to its platform: Reels, short videos of a maximum duration of 15 seconds made up of one or more clips, and audio elements added by its user. In short, the social network acquired by Facebook in 2012 is doing what it has always been able to do: taking over popular elements from competitors to put a spoke in their wheels.

    The Reels even more present

    Examples have multiplied in recent years, with a prime target in mind: Snapchat, and the consequences that we know. But the application seems to have a new prey since this summer. TikTok, whose Vine-inspired concept has conquered the planet with two billion downloads. To take advantage of the success of this phenomenon, Instagram has therefore deployed Reels, which therefore takes up the principle of TikTok.

    At the bottom, the dedicated Reels button pops up between Home and adding a photo // Source: The Next Web

    As noted by The Next Web, Instagram is reportedly looking to further highlight its new feature. How? 'Or' What ? By adding a dedicated access button available on your home screen. The icon in question replaces the Search – materialized by a small magnifying glass – which would then appear at the top right of your screen, alongside the button leading to your mailbox.


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    Promote its functionality

    Until then, going through Search to view Reels was one of the only solutions to access this type of content. This slightly modified user experience therefore aims to promote this feature by giving it much better visibility than before. By doing so, Reels are likely to create more interactions, more views and more inspirations towards users.

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    If this novelty has only been deployed for Android smartphones located in India, it's a safe bet that Instagram will extend it to other markets in the coming weeks. In order to continue to conquer TikTok users more and more. According to an ifastrecovery reader, the feature has already been available on iPhone for two weeks: on Android, it is still heard despite the latest update downloaded.

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