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    Instagram introduces the video… of 15 seconds!

    Instagram is no longer the “social photo specialist”. The social network acquired by Facebook is now moving to video. With “hipster” touch-ups on the menu.

    Facebook is racing for features with rival Twitter. After the sensational arrival of Vine, which allows 7 seconds of video to be shared on social networks, Instagram allows you to do better: between 3 and 15 seconds. As it already did for photos, Instagram also offers to add special effects to the video, with 13 different filters. According to the latter, a special module has been developed to improve the stabilization of the sensor.


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    Facebook could no longer ignore video or mobile, so Instagram's built-in video features are no surprise. Facebook has surely "envyed" the popularity of Twitter's Vine service. What's rather amazing is that Facebook has waited this long to effectively scale its acquisition. Indeed, since acquiring the social service in 2012, Facebook seemed to be treading water with Instagram. Today, Instagram has grown from 10 to 130 million users, Facebook has 1,1 billion.

    The new Instagram is available now. We therefore await your tests in the comments and on Twitter.

    Audio Video Instagram introduces the video… of 15 seconds!
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